Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Heeeere!!!

Today is the day!!! Momma and Daddy are getting married today!! At 6 pm. We just hope and purray that the rain stops! It has been raining fur the past week! Their reception is a'pposed to be owtside....but not if it's raining. If they gots to go inside, Momma wood be furry sad and her eye fings wood probably leek. Her eyes will most likely be leeking anyways... but that's anofur story. Auntie Alicia and Uncle Dan are bof in the wedding party. Uncle Dan is the Best Man...we fought that that wuz Daddy?? We'll try to post pict-shurs once they get back frum Mexico. We's still not shur 'bout the honey-moon fingie. It's a full moon heer...does that count???

Anywho..we'll be offline fur about a week or so (not like that's any different frum normal anymore). Hope y'all haf a great fourth of July!!! See y'all when Momma and Daddy get back!

~Meeko and Kiara

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's almost heer!!

Well....Momma and Daddy's wedding day is almost heer!!! We's getting FURRY a'citied! (and so is Momma)Momma is running around like crazy dong all of her errants. She wented and gotted her claws putted on and gotted a tan, efen though it's raning owtside. Now she's dong the washing machine shuffle and packing for their honeymoon. Does anycat know what that is?? We DON"T get to go wif them!

We are getting used to being at Grammie's howse now. We pretty much roam around wherefur we want. We efen gotted to go owtside!!!

That's all fur now...we hope efurry one has a great week! We're still werking on getting sum pict-shurs posted. They may haf to wait until after the wedding.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


WOW!!! Fings shur are crazy around heer. Momma and Daddy just gotted back frum Fee-nix last weekend. They wuz there fur anofur wedding. And now they's werking on finishing the plans fur their wedding. Momma starts her part-time jobbie tomorrow at the hos-pitil where she used to werk. We's gettin' all settled in at Grammies howse. There still is some hissing....but for the most part efurryone is getting along. Meeko has efen come out frum under Momma's bed!!

That's all fur now.....the computers are STILL all messed up, but Daddy is gonna try to make them all better.

Haf a great week y'all!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rough Day

OK....heer's the story about owr moove. On Tuesday morning, Daddy putted the necklaces of death on us and then we gotted shoved into owr PTU's. Then we were putted into Grammie's big metal monster (Momma drove it instead of her own 'cause it's bigger). Then we wuz in the moster fur eighty squillon hours!!! Only 12~Momma. Momma DID let us owt of the PTU's to walk around some. Meeko sitted wif Momma and helped her drive, while I mostly stayed in the PTU.-Kiara We efun hadded a litter box wif us! Now....we is at Grammie and Grampie's howse. Things are a little hissy right now. They haf 2 poodins' too, and they don't like us bein' heer.

We gotted to see (and smell) LOTS of moo-cows and horsies during the drive.

Owr moove wasn't that fast....most efurrything is still in owr howse in Colorado. They Air Force beans will be there after the wedding to pack and moove it all to Oklahoma. So we only broughted wedding stuff and stuff for Momma and Daddy to live wif fur 2 months.

We'll try to get sum pict-shurs up soon, but Grampie's puter is dead and Grammie's is real slow. Owr's is in Colorado. So.....hopefully soon we'll get somfing figured owt.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Strange Stuff

Oh-no....we finks we's moving tomorrow!!! There are boxes efurrywhere and the beans are running around like crazy! Wish us luck! We'll update y'all tomorrow.

*Update* 6/5-10:45 pm
Yup....we moved. We's in Texas now, at Grammie and Grampie's howse (wif Momma). Daddy is ofur at Mimi's. We's gonna go crash now. Momma needs sum snuggles and we gots to go find sum good hidey spots. ~M&K