Monday, August 27, 2007


Kiara heer- Heer's proof of ONE of my many knots!!! That is one that Momma wuz able to get off of me withowt too much her hands!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Kiara heer-...I's in BIG trouble tonite. I bit Momma...hard on the arm...twice! SHe wuz tryin' to comb owt sum of my knots wif the fancy comb the groomer lady tolded her 'bout. It werks, but I don't like it one bit. So, I attacked Momma's arm...again. I bited her yersterday too wifowt any reason. Tonite, she sed a couple of b-a-d werds and then sed "that's it...she's gettin' shaved!" to Daddy. HELP!!!! I don't wanna be shaved bald. There isn't anyfing medically wrong wif me. Momma and Grammie fink that I gotted the knots frum rolling 'round at Grammies howse tryin' to get my stink efurrywhere. But now, on top of having the knots, I got dnadruff. It's worse now that it wuz in Colorado!! The groomer lady sed it could be frum the stress of moving or my body tryin' to deal wif the knots. BTW...we tried a zoom-groom, but owr furrs are so long that all it did wuz make us static-ee. Hope efurrycat is having a good weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2007

We's still heer

We's heer. We didn't get washed away in all the rain and crash-kaboomies! The creek that is the next street ofur gotted furry, furry full though. But it didn't come into the street. We did haf a little lake in owr backyard. The birdies were furry happy 'bout that last night! And the froggies too! THat wuz just in owr immedate area...sum surrounding areas not far frum heer weren't so lucky.

Momma started her new hunting job today. Said that it was pretty boring. Just doing alot of paperwerk. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Kiara heer- Daddy keeps metioning getting me shaved!!! True, I DO haf HORRIBLE knots on bof of my sides, but that would be so embarassing!!! Any ideas? Momma has tried a fine toof comb, and trimming wif scissors....but you can imagine how well THAT werked!

Momma is still trying to catch/ photo the self-lighting bugs. No luck yet. SHe hopes they didn't all drown! Maybe she isn't patient enough? She only waits 15-20 minutes or so around the usual time that they come owt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sorry that it's been FUR-EVER since we lost posted. Momma been busy wif the howse and hasn't had time to help us post. We haf been "lurking" around though.

Momma hasn't had much luck tryin' to get pict-shurs of the self-lighting bugs (or wif catching them). We's still werking on trying to capture them. Momma DID catch a froggie today that wuz in the garadj. She tried to put him in the flower garden...but he hopped away.

We meeted a woofie tonight!!! He wuz in owr howse!!!!! He (Charlie) lifs wif the beans across the street. They hadded to go owt of town fur fambly reasons, so Momma and Daddy watched him. Tonight, he followed Momma into the howse and tried to eat owr FOOD! I (Kiara) hissed and acted all Halloween-catish at him, but he didn't seem bothered. Stopid woofie! Momma has pict-shurs of him too.

That's all fur now...Momma will try to get sum pict-shurs up this weekend!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday update

We's getting settled in now. And all of owr stuff showed up...and was really owrs! Momma is werking on getting efurrything in place how she wants it. We are snoopervising, of course! Momma taked pict-shurs wif the flashy box and SAYS that she will post them soon fur us. We'll see 'bout that.

BTW.... we just realized that this is owr 200th post!! Whoohoo!

Guess what!!!! WE gots flying dragons (lots) AND bugs who's butts light up! Momma wuz all the way a'citied 'bout the lighty-butt bugs.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mooving update

Fanks to efurryone for their kinds werds of support and fur bisiting!!! We had fun running all ofur the howse wif you! Well....the furniture is getting heer today!! Yay...but, that means we get locked in the bafroom so e don't get owt (again.) Kiara sneakes owt the front door a'cause it closes so s-l-o-w. She didn't go furry far at all. Momma is going to fix it today. The car ride wasn't so bad. Only 3 hours and not 15 like to Colorado. AND, Momma letted us owt of the PTU's while we were on the highway. Go run and hide. We'll update again later!