Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking news & Pic-shurs - Part 1

This just in....Momma gotted a jobbie at Bath & Body Werks!! She's still waiting to heer frum the skool district tho. Whoohoo!! (The only hospital in town isn't hiring fur her position. It's a pretty smallish hospital, and there aren't any surgery centers around.)

This am the birdie that Momma caughted tonight. We're not sure what it is, but it eats nectar frum the hummie bird feeder. Momma wuz sitting in the lifing room when she heard sumfing crash into the front screen door! She wented to 'vestigate, and founded the birdie hanging on to the screen window beside the door. It looked kinda stunned. Momma gotted it off the window, and it perched on her finger. She wented to go get it water frum the birdie bath, 'cause she couldn't get to the nectar that wuz hanging and WUZN'T about to bring it into the howse wif us. After a little water, it chirpped and flew into the tree. Momma is gonna keep a eye owt for it.

This is a different birdie (maybe the male version of the ofur one?) that has been eating wif the hummies. Not sure what it is eifur. Momma finks it's in the oreo family. But none of her birdie books say anyfing about oreo's eating we're pretty stumped.

Kiara chillin' in her ham-mick. Sorta doin' the Q (with a twist).

Us sharing a bed. We NEFUR do this. EFUR. Momma wuz shocked.

Momma here: They are always hissing and growling at each other. The ONLY other time they did this was when we were moving and in unfamiliar territory. Kiara was on the bed first. While I was petting her, Meeko decided that she wanted up too. They stayed this way for a couple of hours, even changing positions. I knew no one would believe me if I told them, so I had to get pics.

pee ess- See post below fur more pic-hurs!!!
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Pic-shurs -Part 2

This am one of the 6, yes 6, hummie birds that we have. of course, any time Momma tries to get a pic-shur of all of them...they fly off.

Kiara heer: This am the lizard that I catched in the hall. He had already lost him's tail a'fore I gots ahold of him. Momma tooked him away, tooked his pic-shur, and then SHE LET HIM GO!!! I fought fur sure that I was gonna have a tasty snack! But , NOOOOOO...mean momma!

These are the froggies that live under owr patio. We counted 6 of them! I (Kiara) like to stick my hed down in their hole to say hello! Momma sez that that isn't polite. They might think that you are trying to eat them. Besides she sez, you never know what kind of bad things could be in that snakes or big, scary spiders!

These are the silly squirrlys trying to eat the bird seed. Nevermind that they've got their own peanuts to eat. One of them was efun eating the hummie birds food!! Momma hadded to move it to the front yard. Momma fought that it wuz funny seeing one squirrl upside down wif anofur one watchin' him! Beans are easily amused sumtimes!
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Monday, July 21, 2008


This am Momma's ferst attempt to upload a patient. This am Momma & Daddy's niece Hannah. Mimi broughted this bideo in her flashy box when she camed to bisit us this weekend. She just lefted to go back home. Hannah ALMOST gotted to come too. But....Mimi didn't fink she could handle a 2 yeer old in the car, by herself, for 7 hours. Maybe next time. Hope y'all fink Hannah is a adorable as we do!!

Edit after bideo upload: The sound is not synced wif the bideo (at least on owr view). We's not shur why it's nor rite....but, at least y'all get the idea of what she's trying to say.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Owr Mimi am coming to bisit tommorow!!! SHe am going to stay fur the weekend. She's not bringing Hannah or Caleb tho.(Them is Momma & Daddy's neice & nef-eww). That am a Good Thing. Grammie & Grampie are coming to bisit in a couple of weeks.

Daddy did good on hims test today and only missed one question. He gets to fly wif the birdies in a week!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ferst 100!!!

Whoohoo!!! Daddy gotted his ferst 100 on his test today!!! We am all the way proud of him. So is Momma. He starts in the pretend planes tomorrow.

On the "buffet" front, we gots 3 hummingberds!!! Momma saw all 3 of them at once, that's how she know's it not the same one. One of them efun buzzed her while she wuz sitting owtside talking to Grammie on the phone!! (Hi Grammie!!). Momma finks that they were fighting ofur the feeder. There are 2 ofur birds eating owt of the hummybird feeder. We's not shur what they are, but fink that they might be Common Yellowthroat, or a Yellow-headed Blackbird. She needs to get a better view of them to figure it owt. But, she finks that there is a pair. She saw one boldly marked and another not so much. We fink that they all look YUMMY!!!

We'll keep y'all posted. And try to get pic-shurs.

Kiara heer- I gotted to chase a squirrley yesterday!!! I wuz owtside wif Momma when one came frew the yard lookin' fur food. I fink I surprised him!! He ranned up the tree, and then I started to eat the grass instaed. Guess I'm not all that good of a hunter!