Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ferst 100!!!

Whoohoo!!! Daddy gotted his ferst 100 on his test today!!! We am all the way proud of him. So is Momma. He starts in the pretend planes tomorrow.

On the "buffet" front, we gots 3 hummingberds!!! Momma saw all 3 of them at once, that's how she know's it not the same one. One of them efun buzzed her while she wuz sitting owtside talking to Grammie on the phone!! (Hi Grammie!!). Momma finks that they were fighting ofur the feeder. There are 2 ofur birds eating owt of the hummybird feeder. We's not shur what they are, but fink that they might be Common Yellowthroat, or a Yellow-headed Blackbird. She needs to get a better view of them to figure it owt. But, she finks that there is a pair. She saw one boldly marked and another not so much. We fink that they all look YUMMY!!!

We'll keep y'all posted. And try to get pic-shurs.

Kiara heer- I gotted to chase a squirrley yesterday!!! I wuz owtside wif Momma when one came frew the yard lookin' fur food. I fink I surprised him!! He ranned up the tree, and then I started to eat the grass instaed. Guess I'm not all that good of a hunter!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations to your person.

The Meezers said...


Rosie & Cheeto said...

oh, these are grate news itums!!
1.) yer daddie is one step clowsur to being a flying berdie!
2.) yer buffet is getting biggur by the day!
3.) the sqirruls are quiklie figuring owt who is in charge!

Derby said...

hummers are hard to get pictures of, mum keeps trying to get really good ones.