Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!

We hope that Santa Claws is good to you and yur fambly.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day Y'all!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

M werd!?!?!

We just found owt that we gotted the keys to owr brand new howse! Momma and Daddy are all the way a'citied!!! Soooooo.....that means that the "M" werd will implemented in the next week or so. :-/

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Silly Saturday

Lookie at what Rachael has started doing!!! Momma sez that "turn about is fair play"....whatefur THAT means!! Just a'cause I sit on Rachael's cowch, doesn't mean that SHE gets to sit in MY bed!!! Good fing that 40Paws make such sturdy ham-micks!!! What am I'm gonna do with that girl!?!?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Rachael's Costume

Heer's Rachael as Princess Ariel. She reely liked grabbing candy from the bowls and putting it into her bag. We were happy a'cause we didn't haf ANY trick-or-treaters at owr howse.

Rach's "you talking to me??" look.

Rach and her friend Keegan.

pee ess-Please keep owr friends in yur of their kitties was hit by a car last night and ranned off to the Bridge.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Y'all!!!!

Stay safe, and avoid the little (and not-so-little) sticky people!

Heer's a pic-shur of Daddy and Rachael with owr scarecrow. (We'll post her costume later)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Kiara heer- Check owt my new cowch!!! It am FURRY comfy to nap on.....espeshully if Rachael isn't using it!!

Rach chillin'.

Meeko heer- I'm starting to feel a little bit better! Fanks fur alla the good vibes!

We's gonna go cheer for the Rangers tonight in the World Series!!! Let's go Rangers!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Update (9 pm, MST)- The visit went well. No infection, but LOTS of crystals in the urine. She had to get sub-q fluids (b/c her bladder was empty) and then I had to take a sample back to the vet. Doc gave her a steroid pill, pain meds, and special food. I have to take her back in 2 weeks. Not sure what is causing the crystals....any idea? This is the 3rd or 4th time that she's had this (which is probably why I was so quick to catch on to what she was doing). She's doing OK talking her meds, and seems to be feeling a LITTLE bit better. Thanks for the well wishes!!

Meeko heer- Does anycat haf a good place to hide?? I heard Momma talking on the phone to the V-E-T! I don't WANNA go!!!

Mom- Meeks, you KNOW you don't feel good. You've been in and out of the box 15 times in 15 minutes while I was in the bathroom. So, you KNOW you need to go see the vet. I don't like having to take you in either. You'll be fine, and feeling better in NO time!! (Besides...I'm not looking forward to fighting with both you and Rachael to take your meds!!)

Meeko- OK Momma...if you say so....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sean Patrick Tallon~ We STILL remember!!

Note: This wuz originally posted 9/11/2006....we wanted to repost it. We'll never forget!

When aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center's twin towers, it was New York City's Bravest that did what they did best - head directly in to danger, in order to save lives. Firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs - side by side - as was the case so many times before.

Together with members of that city's Finest, they made their way to the heart of the tragedy. Grabbing their gear, the firefighters began rushing into the gigantic structures to assist with their safe evacuation, while the paramedics and EMTs began tending to the injured below.

It was while doing those jobs - in the kind of rescue that they had performed so well, so many times - that their lives were taken from us. (Taken from here)

Sean Patrick "Charger" Tallon was one of those such men. At 26, he had only a month or so left of being a "probie" (a probationary firefighter). Sean was one of the first responders, along with the other members of Ten House. Their station was right across the street from the World Trade Center. On the way up the stairs of Tower One, Sean helped a fellow firefighter that was having a heart attack, then he continued up with two more of his fellow firemen. They were trapped when Tower One collapsed.

Sean led an active and varied life. He was a Marine Corps Reservist. He also loved Irish music and playing the button accordion. He would practice for an hour or more on many evenings. The steady, easy flow of sweet hornpipes, tasty reels, and lively jigs would fill the house.

This is part of a song that was written for Sean, and was played at his funeral:

"Up the stairs boys, running to the top

Without a thought to slow or stop

Upstairs boys on 9/11 and they kept on going

to the gates of Heaven.

With the men of Ten House was Sean Tallon...

Although he wasn't the first, he wasn't the last...

With love of God and Country he never thought he could

see such acts of hate...

As we remember our Charger and the others

and shed a mournful tear for all his fallen brothers,

Although we didn't know them all,

we knew them well enough to know what they were made of...

And that was hero stuff.

written by Dereen and Marian Griffin

Sean left behind his parents, grandparents, sister and brother-in-law, and extended family in the United States, England, and Ireland, along with many friends. He is greatly missed by all.

May you rest in peace Sean Patrick Tallon. I would like to offer up this blessing:

Traditional Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind always be at your back,

The sun shine warm upon your face,

The rain fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Thank you for all that you and your brothers do and have sacrificed for all of us! You and yours will be in my prayers. ~Rebecca Buchenot Sain

Check out these cool links (not sure if they're still avail):

2,996 Memorial List ~List of ALL the blog memorials!

Ten House Homepage~ They have an AWSOME site!!

Fire Store ~ Cool Stuff!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Day!!

Oh, happy day!!!! Momma, Daddy, and Rachael are coming home to us today!!!! Woohoooo!! Guess we should get the howse cleaned up a'fre they get heer!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today is owr Rachael's FERST PURRFDAY!!!!!
We lufs you sweet girl!!! We can't wait to see you when you get home wif Momma and Daddy!

Minutes old. 1 year old.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sad day

We's been off-line fur few days, but just hearded the sad news about Fat Eric going to the Bridge. Owr hearts go owt to his beans who are heer in MT bisiting their fambly. He wuz one of owr ferst blogging friends frum way bnack when. You will be greatly missed Eric!!

{{{hugs}} and purrs
~Meeko, Kiara, and Fambly

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So...Momma, Daddy, and Rachael are going on bay-ca-shun to Texas to see alla owr fambly and celly-brate Rachael's ferst purrfday!! (Can y'all a'lieve it's been a whole yeer already!!??! Momma can't!) Miss Kate is gonna take care of us, an when momma gets back she's gonna take care of Miss Kate's kitties fur her. (We's gonna teleport to Mimi's some to snuggle wif Momma) Anycat is welcome to bisit...We gots a HUGE dungeon to run around in.

Not much a'citing stuff going on around heer. Not too hot, pretty windy tonight. The biggest a'citement is Rachael taked her ferst steps last night!! Now we REALLY gotta watch owr tails!

Heer are sum random pic-shurs.......ENJOY!!!

Rachael enjoying sum raspberries.

Meeko loving on Tinkerbell.

Kiara checking owt her clubhouse/ Rachael's tent.
Daddy (leaning) wif his whirlybird in Canada.
Daddy and Rachael in Canada.

There weren't too many a'citing pic-shurs from the airshow....Momma wuz kinda lazy wif the camera that weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ferst, fanks fur alla the kind werds 'bout Daddy. We fink that we's more a'cited 'bout it than Daddy is!!

Second, alla y'alls good thoughts fur Rachael haf werked!! She's almost alla the betters, and her and Momma WILL be going to Canada tomorrow. Miss Kate is gonna take care of us while she's gone.

Hope efurrycat has a GRATE weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Owr Daddy is gonna be an inner-nash-inul celebrity!!! Well...MAYBE not that famous, but close enough. He's gonna be flyin' his heli-copter in an air show up in Canada this weekend! How cool is that?? Momma an Rachael (an oufr friends) might drive up to see them if Rachael is feeling better. (She has had an upset "tummy" and the badness that follows....nasty diaper rash)

Hope alla owr friends are doing well, and trying to stay cool if'n y'all have the HOTS.

Daddy wif his whirly-bird. (He's on the right, holding on to the door)
Those are the Little Belt Mountains in the background.

Daddy and Rachael.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today, June 30th, am Momma and Daddy's 3rd wedding anniversary!!! (They's been together fur 7 yeers though). We lufs y'all and heer's to many, many happy yeers together!!

Daddy has to go into werk furry, furry early in the morning, and will prolly haf to werk ALL DAY! He did bring Momma flowers last night.

The pic-shur am an old one. We couldn't find any good ones from the wedding....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

We LUFS you!!! An Poppie too!!!

This is old, but one of the few wif BOTH of us in it.

Daddy and Rachael at Yellowstone.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


OWr Poppie camed to bisit us!!! Well...bisit Rachael ferst, then us, then Momma & Daddy. He's gonna be heer until next Monday, and then Mimi is gonna come bisit. Momma feels bad that the howse isn't decorated or nothin'. She DID get Poppie a bed wif clean sheets, comfy pillows, and sum towels put together. Most of the boxes are still down in the dungeon until she gets around to them. (She might leave stuff packed since we could be moofing into another howse in the fall.) She hasn't decided yet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Late Edishun (wif teef)

We's FURRY fankfull that alla owr stuff will be arriving tomorrow!! (It wuz supposed to be her yesterday, but the truck broked). We a all the way a'cited 'bout it. We hasn't seen it since early September LAST YEER!!! It has all been in a magic storage place in Georgia somewheres. Momma is beyond ready to haf alla her stuffs back. Cooking and craft stuff tops her list.

We wanted to show off Rachael's pretty teefs. She has 2 rite now, wif number 3 just bout ready to come through.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

We lufs you Momma! Grammie too!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Meeo heer.

I just wanna say fanks t allay'all fur the purrfdy wishes!! I hadded a grate timewif those that came by. We's gettin' mostlysettled in heer. Momma and Daddy wented to buy paint tonight. We efen gotted to go down tothe dungeon a couple of times.

Hope y'all haf grate weekend!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Busy Purrfday!!!

Meeko heer.

Toosday is my purrfday!!! I'm nine years old now. And haf lifed in 6 states (13 different howses)and driven through/spent the night in NINE!! How crazy is that?!?! Anywho....fur my purrfday, we's moving ino owr new howse!! Kiara and I are already heer, an Momma, Daddy, and Rachael are moofing in tomorrow. They don't haf anyfing to sleep on!! (But, they DID make shur to put owt blankies, one of owr ham-micks, and the glider fur us to use) The new digs haf wooden floors, LOTS of cabinets to explore, and a DUNGEON!!! We gots to wait fur Momma to be heer togo down there though. Y'all are more han welcome to come check the place owt. Momma willbein and owt during the day, butshe's gonna put owt lotsa treats, crunchies, stinky goodness, and water fur alla us to snack on.

pee ess- Happy Anniversary to Grammie and Poppie!! Tehy've been married fur 36 years!!!

pee pee ess-We won't haf inner-nets 'till Thursday (unless we can hack, we mean BORROW, from a neighbors wireless network.)

pee pee pee ess-Fanks to ML's facebook post fur "reminding" Momma 'bout Meeko's purrfday!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Anofur moov!!

Well....we gots a howse. But, NOT the howse that the 'rents were told that we were gonna get. (THAT wuz a huge ordeal, wif MANY bad werds involved.) But, Daddy's boss is AMAZING and he wented "to bat" fur us, and gotted us a howse). Granted, we's probabaly gonna haf to moov again in bout 6-8 monfs, but that's no different than normal fur us anymore. We's just happy to be in a place of owr own, and NOT a compartment or hotel howse. We's not sure of the "official" moov-in day yet...but sumtime next week. The bad news is that ALLA owr stuff is still in storage in Alabama, and will take ALOT of time to get to us. But...on the bright side, Rachael can FINALLY haf a real crib to sleep in!! And alla her toys to play wif (and not owrs!!).

Hope efurryone has a GRATE weekend!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today am Daddy's purrfday!! Happy Purrfday Daddy, we lufs you!!!! And we's furry, furry happy to haf you home wif us!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Saturday!!!

Oh, happy day!!! Daddy is on his way HOME!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!

Meeko heer.

Last night, after enjoying some nip, I went to go to sleep on the bed. But then, I noticed that there wuz a blanket monster trying to ATTACK Momma!!! And Daddy wuzn't heer to save her. So I did what any good kitty would do....I tried to make it ded! But, it wouldn't die. And Momma kept telling me to knock it off. Well THAT"S what I wuz tryin' to do Momma!!! She also kept saying sumfing 'bout not wanting to haf to buy a new comforter.

Momma-Meeks, there was NOTHING there!! Not even my feet. No more nip for you before bedtime. And no, I don't want to have to pay for a comforter for the hotel after you snag this one.

Meeko- Sheesh!! See if I try to protect her again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday noosday

Well.....we's FINALLY gettin' to post again. Let's see, what has happened lately?? Daddy is almost done wif training and will be home on Saturday. We've mooved...AGAIN!!! Fur those of you keeping count, this is the 3rd place in Great Falls. This place is REALLY nice though. And owr next moov (dunno when) will be into OWR howse! This place is kinda like a small compartment howse, and it efen has an indoor pool fur the beans to go swimming in. Yesterday, we were bof slleping on the bed, when Momma noticed that owr tails were touching!!! AND there wuz no hissing involved! She efen gotted foto-grafic evedence.

Hope efurryone has a grate week!!

Heer we are takin' up the WHOLE bed!


Up close proof.Meeko keepin' Daddy's spot warm for him.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rachael wanted to tell efurryone Happy Easter, and 'pologize fur us not stoppin' by y'alls blogs to wish is personally. Daddy lefted fur survival training today, and will be gone fur 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!! But, don't worry...we's gonna take good care of Momma while he's gone.


Hoppy Easter Y'all!!!

He is Risen!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!!

YAY!!! Spring am heer!! Although, in sum places, the weather didn't get the memo! But here in Montana, the sun is shining are there's a little breeze. Momma effen opened the windows a little for us!! AND Daddy is all finished wif his training and on his way up heer to join us!! Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



We's FINALLY in Montana!! We still haf a few more hours in the metal monster, but not too long. We'll be in great Falls by lunchtime!!

Here's Momma and Rachael.
We were to busy napping to be bothered wif pic-shurs!

Meeko "NOT" sleeping on the furniture! ;-)

pee ess- We almost furgot.......

Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


We's made it up to Ft Collins, CO. Efurrything has gone well so far. Fanks fur the good wishes y'all!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sad Day

Well....we's implementing the "M" werd (AGAIN) tomorrow, furry early in the morning. Daddy has to stay in ABQ to finish training. He's *supposed* be finished on Thurs. (We'll believe THAT when it happens!!)

Momma wuz furry, furry sad tonite a'cause she hadded to say goodbye to her bestest friend, Auntie Alicia. We's gonna miss her too.

Here's what Rachael finks about all that's going on......

Meeko "helping" Momma pack.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today am Poppie's purrfday!!! Happy Purrfday Poppie! We lufs you! He and Grammie are getting heer tomorrow nite to help us moov.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Widebody Wednesday

Kiara heer. Whadda you mean, you think I might need a bigger box??? And why are you rolling on the floor laffin' and laffin'?? That's not furry nice Momma.

Friday, March 05, 2010

V-E-T Update

Well...we survived! Momma did too! She hadded BOF of us AND Rachael!!! We were well behaved, but Rach wuz kinda fussy. We bof checked owt good, but were a little overweight. The V-E-T sez that we need to go on a diet!! EeeeekkkK!!!! Momma sez that we're going through enough changes rite now wifowt that, so that might wait until we get to owr "real" howse in MT. (Momma note: we're going to be staying in a pet-friendly hotel until a house is available on-base. Could be a month or more.)

Bad news is that Meeko is having sum dental issues. FORL is suspected. She is missing 3 teeth!!! We's gonna haf to get it checked owt further once we get to MT. But....Momma is wondering why none owr previous V-E-T's noticed this?? Oh, well.

Hopw y'all haf a grate weekend!!


SSSSHHHHHHH!!! We's in hiding. We're hoping that Momma will forget that we's supposed to go to the V-E-T today.

Crappity, crap, crap, crap.......the carriers are owt. Guess that means she DIDN'T forget!! See y'all later!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Toosday News-Late Edishun

Hey y'all!!

Yep, efurryone is feeling much better now! Rachael nefur really ACTED sick, just a little fussier than usual and had an "upset" tummy. She's takin' the pink Auntie Biotics now. Momma is pretty shur that Rach has MORE teefs coming in on top, and that that's what is giving her fits. As for Daddy, his was just the end of a L-O-N-G week catchin' up wif him and not eating good foods (just snacking all day). Silly Daddy!

As fur us....we hearded Momma sayin' sumfing about us goin' to the V-E-T on Friday! We's not the ones that haf been sick, so why do we gots to go??? (Momma here: it's just for your annual vaccines. You're both overdue, and you need it to live on base).

We haf found owt that we will be implementing the "M" werd on March 15th. Bof of us, Rachael, and Momma will be leafing ABQ then. Daddy might be done wif training, or close to it, and will come up to MT when he's done. Grammie and Poppie are gonna fly owt heer, and then drive up wif us. Poopie in the big truck wif alla owr stuffs, and Grammie in Momma's metal monster wif us, Rach, and Momma. It's gonna be 10 squillion hours in the monster!!! (Momma- close to it, 21 least!). But...we WILL be going through Colorado Springs, where we used to live. Momma is pretty a'cited 'bout that.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sicky Saturday

Well....bof Rachael and Daddy are sicky!! Rachael is hafing tummy "issues", an ear infection, and teething all at the same time! And Daddy gots the creepy cruds starting to creep up on him. So , we's gonna spend lotsa time purring on him. Hope y'all haf a grate weekend!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Munchkin Monday

We wanted ta share this grate bideo of Rachael and Daddy playing. Rachael started laughing when Momma sang along to "Sweet Caroline" (bum bum, bum). No, Momma ISN'T singing in da bideo. Enjoy!!

pee ess- Rachael gotted her ferst tooth!!! And her second one is on it's way. So, that made for a cranky baby ofur the weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kiara heer.

I wanna say FANKS fur alla the purrfday wishes!!! I effen gotted wishes frum new friends! I hadded a grate time wif efurrycat that camed to hang owt wif us. I gotted treats, special stinky goodness, scritches, a GINORMUS cat nip ball (Pics to follow when I'm not crashed owt sleepin' off the nip!), and my own special water glass to drink owt of. Sorry I's so long in posting this, but wif Mimi bisitin' and Valentine's Day and Momma tryin' to get stuff packed up around heer, it's been a little busy.

Fanks again!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Kiara heer.

Today am my 8th purrfday!!! I haven't gotten any pressies yet.....Momma sez I can haf them later. I fink that Momma, Daddy, Rachael, and Mimi (she came to bisit me) are gonna be gone most of the day, so if'n any of y'all want to teleport ofur to celly-brate wifme....come on ofur!!! We gots pleny of treats, fresh water, and stinky goodness. And the best part....NO SNOW!!!

I'll let y'all know what kind of goodies I get later.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Meeko heer.
Oh My Cod!!! Rachael touched me today! She ax-shully hadded the NERVE to touch my bee-u-tee-full tail!! Mind you, she didn't pull any furs owt....but still! AND Momma wuz holding her while she did it! I'm not too shur how I feel 'bout this happening. Kiara has let Rachael pet her a'fore and is still alive to meow about it, so I guess it's OK. As long as she doesn't make a habit owt of it, I can suffer efurry once and a while.

Hope y'all are hafing a good weekend. We's gettin' ready to watch the Sooper Bowl!

Heer's a pic-shur of me (Meeko) guarding the girl scout cookies!! It wuz a tough job, but SOMECAT had to do it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today am Momma's purrfday!!! (and Rachael's 5 month purrfday)


We lufs you!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Werdless Wednesday

(more green beans please!!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rukia Update

Well...Rukia didn't come to stay wif us after all. Daddy thought and thought about it (more than Momma had) and a'cided that it wouldn't be a furry good idea to haf her heer. Esapecially after alla the problems that we hadded when Emmy lifed wif us. (Y'all can read 'bout it heer, heer, and heer.)

So, Momma's been going ofur there to feed her and play wif her fur a little while each day. Momma gotted Rukia a laser pointer and she LUFS it!!

Hope efurrycat has a grate weekend!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We's a'citied 'cause Momma and Rachael are FINALLY home!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Ax-shully, they gotted heer on Monday, but owr inner-nets wuz gone fur 3 days so we couldn't post.

Poor Rachael hadded to get shots yesterday, and is feelin' pretty crummy today. She's been sleeping almost as much as we haf!!

Auntie Alicia's kitty, Rukia, is supposed to come and stay wif us this weekend when Auntie Alicia goes owt of town. Could be pretty inneresting as Ruika hasn't been around many ofur kitties. We'll keep y'all posted!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We wants to wish alla y'all a furry happy, if belated, new year!! Hope that efurry cat and bean stayed safe.

We wented back to ABQ today wif Daddy. Momma and Rachael are staying anofur 10 days wif Grammie and Poppie. We had a pretty un-eventful drive back. We slept most of the way, and Meeko snuggled wif Daddy fur a little while. We's happy to be back at OWR howse wif OWR stuff. Not that we don't like it at Grammie's.....but y'all know what we mean.

Haf a grate rest of yur weekend!