Friday, April 27, 2007

Qwick Update

Just a qwick update. We don't haf any "ofishul" news on Emmy. Last we herd frum the lady wuz that she wuz OK. Victor Tabbycat (her boyfriendcat) teleported ofur to see her an toleed us that she wuz well but a little bit nervis. Momma is gonna try calling the lady agin to find owt more info. But Momma is FURRY happy that we are returning to owr old selves again!!

Tonight is Momma's ferst "real" Mary Kay class ....wif strangers!! Her ofur ones haf been wif friends. She's a little bit nervis 'bout it.

We fink that we's got a Momma sqwirlly owt back. We fink this a'cause we seed her *nipples*. Maybe we'll haf sume baby sqwirllys around here.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Update 4/23 3:50 pm. We *pretty* certain that Emmy has a new forever home. We'll do a detailed post tomorrow....Momma isn't quite ready to deal wif it yet. Meeko's eye fingy is almost all the way better. She should heal up wifowt any problems.

Kiara heer....

Momma's eyes are leaking. Emmy wented wif owr neighbor to bisit a freind of hers to see if that would become Emmy's furever home. We hasn't herd anyfing from Mea (owr neighbor) yet. Momma's eyes haf leaked about 87 squillion times tonight. It's been 59 hours since Emmy lefted (only 4.5 ~momma). We gots a speshul note frum Emmy for her sweetie Victor, if'n she stays wif the ofur fambly. Momma's hopin' and prayin' that she's doin' the right fing. When she tolded Grammy...her eyes started leaking too, which maded Momma start leaking efun harder. We'll keep y'all posted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Meeko heer. I hadded to go to the V-E-T today! When Momma gotted home frum werk she saw that my eye wuz funny lookin' . After she looked at it reel good....she saw a cut in my eye. So, she called the V-E-T and rushed me in. Now, I gots to get 2 ointments putted in 3 times a DAY!!!! THe Dr. sed that I haf an old scratch there too. Momma is purrty certain that it wuz Emmy that did it, cuz she saw us figtin' just a'fore we lefted the howse. I also hadded a claw stuck in the top of my hed when we gotted to the V-E-T.

Now....Momma has a deleima. She's not shur what to do wif Emmy. In fact...her eyes are leaking already. While Momma and Daddy love her, she's caused LOTS of problems around heer. Kiara and I purrty much hide ALL the time and I don't snuggle wif Daddy any more. There is constant fighting too. Kiara and I used to hiss at each ofur....but not claws bared, all owt fights like what is happening now. Momma thought 'bout takin' wif Miss Kerri about Emmy. Any advice anycats has wood be ap-pre-she-ated. Fanks!


Sunday, April 15, 2007


OK....what's goin' on wif the weather??? Friday wuz cold wif a little snow, but not a blizzard. Yesterday and today are beau-ti-ful!!! Momma's got the windows open and we (Kiara and Emmy) gotted to go owtside fur a little while. Meeko wuz napping sumware and missed owt. Daddy wuz efun cooking dinner owtside. We give up on tryin to figure owt what's goin' on.

I (Emmy) wuz snoopervisin' Momma while she used her *new* clothes making machine. Grammie gotted it fur her. It am furry nice. THis wuz the ferst time Momma used it. She wuz making hat fingies to ware to werk. (Mom's note-I work in the OR and we get to wear our own fun hats if we want.)

That's been owr weekend. Hope efurryone else hadded a great weekend too!!

Snuggles to my sweetie! ~Emmy

Thursday, April 12, 2007


What the heck!?!?!? We's a'pposed to be gettin' a BLIZZARD tonight!! readed that right. A blizzard. That's just wrong! It's time fur spring already. That's it....we're movin' to Hawaii!!!

Nose kisses and warm snuggles to my sweetie VIctor! ~Emmy

Sunday, April 08, 2007


We hope that efurryone has a blessed Easter! He is Risen!

Stay warm y'all!

~Meeko, Kiara, Emmy, Momma & Daddy

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time for a new slide show!!!

Heer are sum pic-shurs from Momma and Daddy's trip to Texas. We couldn't show all of Momma's beautiful dress in case Daddy looked at the bloggie. She's not reely wearing a cowboy wuz just fur fun. If'n ya want to see the whole us and we can hook ya up. We is furry glad to haf Momma home...we's been following her efurrywhere around the howse!!

pee ess- Momma forgoted to turn summ of the pic-shurs right side up. oooops!! sorry. she's tryin' to do three things at once...and not doing any of them well!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

They're baaack!!!

Whoohoo!! Momma and Daddy are back home wif us!! We really missed them while they were gone. We did teleport ofur to see Momma a couple of times. Don't tell Daddy though...he might get jealous! We'll post more (and pict-shurs) later.