Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Meeko heer. I hadded to go to the V-E-T today! When Momma gotted home frum werk she saw that my eye wuz funny lookin' . After she looked at it reel good....she saw a cut in my eye. So, she called the V-E-T and rushed me in. Now, I gots to get 2 ointments putted in 3 times a DAY!!!! THe Dr. sed that I haf an old scratch there too. Momma is purrty certain that it wuz Emmy that did it, cuz she saw us figtin' just a'fore we lefted the howse. I also hadded a claw stuck in the top of my hed when we gotted to the V-E-T.

Now....Momma has a deleima. She's not shur what to do wif Emmy. In fact...her eyes are leaking already. While Momma and Daddy love her, she's caused LOTS of problems around heer. Kiara and I purrty much hide ALL the time and I don't snuggle wif Daddy any more. There is constant fighting too. Kiara and I used to hiss at each ofur....but not claws bared, all owt fights like what is happening now. Momma thought 'bout takin' wif Miss Kerri about Emmy. Any advice anycats has wood be ap-pre-she-ated. Fanks!



William said...

Sometimes some cats would just be happier as an only cat. Can your mom find a rescue group who'd help in finding Emmy a new home? Or maybe she can get some advice at the cat fix-it place on how to keep her from fighting with you.

It's a tough dilemma, all right.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Emmy! Poor Meeko! Bonnie an I fight but I nefur, efur actually scratch or bite her. She's front declawed but can bite or scratch, but nefur does. We nefur go beyond whaps and lotsa noise.

Suggestions frum Mom, who figers you've tried this but it doesn't hurt to repeat:
Feliway - the plug-in didn't seem to do anything, but spraying the carpet around common areas like the kitchen doorways helped, maybe. It creates "neutral" areas.

Can you create an Emmy-free room for Meeko and Kiara to feel safe? Bonnie stays in Ryan's room an the puter room a lot, an is nice to beans there (sometimes). I'm allowed in but haf to leaf her alone.

Get Emmy's claws trimmed. PetSmart will do it $8, no appmt. I should know - Mom's inflicted this on me a few times. Don't know if they'd apply soft claws, but that's anofur option (groomer? vet?).

"Cat Vs Cat" suggests re-introduction if nothing else werks, but it's hard to live wif a closed door an cats tryin to get thru it alla time.

If Emmy were away fur a few days, do Meeko an Kiara go back to normal?

We feel bad for alla you. You've certainly tried, but it may be not enuf room for 3 or Emmy needs to be single. Becca, feel free to email Mom if you want... she's a purty good listener.

One of us said...

It is furry hard when sibs don't get along. Some poodies do better as only cats. We hopes yer eye gets better and maybe yer Mom could find Emmy a good home wif a friend or somefing like that. ~Poiland Tribe