Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We's gonna haf bisitors this weekend!!! Auntie Alicia is coming to town (her fiance Jon lives heer, but not wif us). And....Auntie Laura and Jonah and their little dog Grace are comig too. They are staying wif us. Momma sez that it's gonna be like living in Colorado again having efurryone together. Only Uncle Dan, Chuck, & TJ won't be here. Oh yeah, and Meghan, Trent's wife. They live heer too. And so does Scott (Katie the woofies Dad). Momma hasn't seen Auntie Alicia or Laura since she and Daddy lefted from their wedding almost a year ago! They are all the way 'acitied 'bout this weekend. So...that means that Momma is runnin' 'round the howse trying to get it "presentable". She's got most efurrything unpacked, just not all put away.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Rutruh....Kiara heer. I finks that I might be in trouble. Last night Momma and Daddy hadded their friends ofur and one of them brought his woofie wif him. Katie (the woofie) wuz in the backyard fur awhile., but since we wuz hidin' Momma closed the door where we were and letted Katie in. After a little bit, I wanted owt to 'vestigate. Well, I gotted all halloween-catish on Katie and she hid. But then she started walking towards me and Momma scooped me up to put me back in my room. But....I kinda gotted all freaked owt and climbed/clawed my way ofur Mommas hed! She hadded blood running down her face!! Then I went a hid under the bed. Momma sed that it wuz OK , she didn't blame me fur what happened, but I still feel bad.

Mom here: Kiara was really brave, more so than I anticipated. I ended up with scratches on my hands, chest, 8 on my face, and 2 good size ones on my scalp (which explains all the blood.) I feel bad for putting her in that position. I just wasn't quick enough to get her back in her "safe room".

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We're back!!

Hi efurryone!! We'd maded it down to Del Rio just fine. It took fur-efur in the metal monster to get here. The ride wuzn't too bad. And we only gotted pulled ofur by one police-dude. He just letted us off wif a written warning. Heehee! We's in temp housing fur now, hopefully get a real howse today. Gotta run!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Hi efurryone!! We's back in Texas again!! We're all the a'citied 'bout that. Moving hasnt' been bad...so far. We were in Momma's metal monster fur 3 hours, but when we leaf heer on Tues. it will be 7 hours! Oh..we hadded sum HUGE thunderboomies last night. Rocks camed owt of the sky and efurrything!!! It wuz all the way scary! Momma & Daddy's monsters gotted damaged and the windshield on Momma's gotted cracked. They joke that it wuz Oklahoma getting back at them for being frum Texas!! We'll keep y'all posted on the going's on and hopefully post sum pict-shurs soon!