Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ferst, fanks fur alla the kind werds 'bout Daddy. We fink that we's more a'cited 'bout it than Daddy is!!

Second, alla y'alls good thoughts fur Rachael haf werked!! She's almost alla the betters, and her and Momma WILL be going to Canada tomorrow. Miss Kate is gonna take care of us while she's gone.

Hope efurrycat has a GRATE weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Owr Daddy is gonna be an inner-nash-inul celebrity!!! Well...MAYBE not that famous, but close enough. He's gonna be flyin' his heli-copter in an air show up in Canada this weekend! How cool is that?? Momma an Rachael (an oufr friends) might drive up to see them if Rachael is feeling better. (She has had an upset "tummy" and the badness that follows....nasty diaper rash)

Hope alla owr friends are doing well, and trying to stay cool if'n y'all have the HOTS.

Daddy wif his whirly-bird. (He's on the right, holding on to the door)
Those are the Little Belt Mountains in the background.

Daddy and Rachael.