Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Purrfdays!!!

Today is Grammies' purrfday!!! We can't say what we sented her in case she reads this a'fore she opens her pressie. But...we will say that we helped pick it owt! We lufs you Grammie!!!! And we miss you lots!

AND... tomorrow is Daddy's brofur Chris's (Hannah's daddy) purrfday. We gots LOTS of purrfdays this monf! Daddy's dad's purrfday wuz on the 5th and one of their friends is on the 2nd. Grandpa D cele-brates his in efurryone can go owt on the boat in the lake. It's not so much fun to do that in January. We don't fink that it;s much fun ANY time!!!

We's supposed to get sum snows again...we'll let y'all know if it actually shows up this time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today is Momma's purfday!!!!! Happy Purfday Momma, we luf you!!!!!!!!!

In ofur news.....they bof gotted back frum the mission trip safely, but Momma has been too tired to hlep us blog. We'll try to get sum pic-shurs up frum the trip.

Hope efurryone has a great weekend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Uh-oh!! The big black suitcase is owt!! AND Momma is puttin' lots of stuff into it. Hope we don't gots to go anywhere. What's that Momma....oohhhhhhh. She's packin to go on the mission trip to Mexico on Tuesday. She's gonna get to see Grammie that night and is going to be traveling wif Mimi and Auntie Jennifer (Niece Hannah's mom). Momma is all the way a'itied about going. She's nefur been afore. Daddy is going to be staying home and taking care of us.

** UPDATE, Monday nite- Now Daddy and Uncle Brian are going too!!! Of the 33 beans going, 5 of them are owr fambly!! Mrs. Sandy is gonna take care of us while they're gone.

BTW...GRATE NEWS!!! We just readed that Mao is home and Annie has been spotted by her howse! Whoohoo!!!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Meeko heer.

I just dis-covered something that better than napping all day. And that's napping on Momma & Daddy's bed wif the memory foam pad on it. ALL DAY LONG!!! What's efun better wuz that Momma broughted me my treatsies in there cuz she thoughted that I wuzn't feeling good! Hehe.

Hope efurryone hadded a good weekend and isn't blowing or washing away in the crazy wefer.