Sunday, January 13, 2008


Uh-oh!! The big black suitcase is owt!! AND Momma is puttin' lots of stuff into it. Hope we don't gots to go anywhere. What's that Momma....oohhhhhhh. She's packin to go on the mission trip to Mexico on Tuesday. She's gonna get to see Grammie that night and is going to be traveling wif Mimi and Auntie Jennifer (Niece Hannah's mom). Momma is all the way a'itied about going. She's nefur been afore. Daddy is going to be staying home and taking care of us.

** UPDATE, Monday nite- Now Daddy and Uncle Brian are going too!!! Of the 33 beans going, 5 of them are owr fambly!! Mrs. Sandy is gonna take care of us while they're gone.

BTW...GRATE NEWS!!! We just readed that Mao is home and Annie has been spotted by her howse! Whoohoo!!!!!

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Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad someone will be home with you. I hate having to stay home alone!