Friday, June 30, 2006

Somfin' good.

In contrast to yesterday's post about Tiffy, we have heard about No Name Yet. She is a little kitty that was hit by a car, and a really nice bean walking along saw her and rescued her. You can read all about it here. It's a very heartwarming story to read. They are also accepting donations to help pay for the bionic hip that No Name now has. You can also vote on her new name. That's a post op pic.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sad day

It's a furry sad day in the blogsphere. We found out the Little Tiffy went to the Rainbow Bridge way, way too soon. You can read about it 5Cat Style. It doesn't make sense to us, and it made Momma's eyes leak.

On a different note...our Grampie (Momma's dad) has to go to the bean V-E-T on Fri. They're gonna look at his tummy from on the inside. We hopes efurrything is OK wif it. Maybe he needs to eat more grass too? That's what we tolded our Momma when her tummy wuz upset. And Hot(m)bc's Grandma's heart is all OK too! She didn't have any blockages in her heart. Yea!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Daddy's Picture

This is Daddy in the F-16 he gotted to ride in in Japan. He hadded FUN!! About 258 kinds of fun! The ofer picture is of Daddy wif the pilot and jet after they went flying. Aren't they cool!?!?!

Daddy left.

Daddy wented back home to Texas for a few weeks. And Momma is going to go next week. Then, we'll have the house to that means PARTY at our house!!! But, for now, we have Momma all to ourselves!! Daddy broughted Momma a furry pretty japanese dress and fan. He didn't bring us any sushi though...he sed that it would go bad by the time he got home. And Momma sed that she didn't want to have to clean it up off the carpet. That's about it here...not much really happenin' now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Daddy's Home!!!!

Yippee!!! Daddy finally gotted home tonight!! We snuggled up wif him afore he went to sleep...he hadded a l-o-n-g flight from Japan. We efen gotted to see him afore Momma did. She had to go to werk tonight. So...ha,ha Momma! Ok..we're off to go snuggle some more.

P.S.- Fanks to Calico Girls Mom Toni for helpin' Momma out wif the bloggie....again! Now you can see my gold medal on the sidebar! Yea!! ~Kiara

Sunday, June 18, 2006

LOTS of news!!!!

Wow!! Where do we start????

We haded a great time at the Catolympics!! We maded ssooo many new friends. The competition was fierce...but fun! Kiara gotted a gold medal in yowling! And Meeko got an Honorable Mention in tumbling. Our Momma and Daddy are furry proud of us, and all of the ofer poodin's. Thanks the all the beans that spent their time to make this happen!!! ::PURRS::

When we taked the torch to Mattingly in Mew York, we haded a blast wif him and his sisfur, Harlie. Mattingly gives good baths, and great paw massages! ::purrs & much blushing:: His Mom took us to see alot of famous places around town...World's Fair, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Ground Zero. The last place made us furry sad, and our eyes leaked. We said our prayers, and then we saw Mattingly off on his journey to Catifornia wif the torch. Then we camed home. Fanks sooo much for takin' such good care of us Mattingly, Harlie, and Mattingly's Mom!! we don't have any pictures 'cause the flashy box is wif daddy still in japan.

Daddy gotted to go fly in the F-16 the ofer day!!! He haded about 235 kinds of fun!! And he didn't frow up (that's a good thing). Also, Mimi and Uncle Brian (and the rest of the mission team) maded it back home safely, without any major incidences. They built 3 casitas, treated many patients in the clinic, performed multiple surgeries, and ministered tons! Not quite half of the team was made up of youth. That's amazing!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

It's time!!!

It's time for the 2006 Catolympics!!!! We're soooo 'acitied to be going! We'l see effurryone there. BTW...we'll post about our Mew York adventures after the 'lympics. Momma wuz gonna do it for us from werk, but was REALLY busy the past few nights there.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

They're home!

Momma here.

The girls made it back safely. They are both crashed and doing some serious napping right now. They did tell me, briefly, that they had a great time seeing the sights of New York with Mattingly and his mom. They also enjoyed meeting Harlie....she's cute they said. They also really enjoyed the massages and baths that Mattingly gave them. Oopps...I wasn't supposed to say that!! They had a good time, and will update more later after they've rested up. Thanks again to Mattingly, Harlie, and their Mom for taking such good care of my girls.
~Momma Becca

Monday, June 12, 2006

Edsel's Mom

Yea!! I just got word from the Calico Girls Mom that Edsel's Mom's surgery went well!! Our prayers were answered! Go check out their blog for more details.

They made it!

Just got word from the girls that they are in New York. They got there a little early, so they're not sure if Mattingly's mom is home to let them in. They are going to wait acroos the street from the apartment, and out of the way, so they don't have to dodge cars. Meeko said that the trip went well, and that she and Kiara are going to have some crunchies and water, and take a quick nap. They are very impressed with the really huge buildings. They want to go do a little sight-seeing while they are there.....I said that I would think about letting them. That won't have any pictures though.

They're off!

Momma here again.
The girls left early this morning, with marching bands and even the Air Force Thunderbirds did a fly-by for the event! I don't think I got any sleep until after they left (that's why this is a little late getting posted.) I had a message that they took a little break in St Louis, with some water and treats to re-feul. Auntie Alicia just called to say that they just left her and are heading up towards New York. The girls stopped in D.C. to have lunch with their "auntie" and take a little rest. So on the lookout....they should be there in about an hour and half or so!! I'm sooooo proud of my girls (and all the other kitties)!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Torch Update

Momma here.
Just wanted to let everycat know that the girls went to bed early, so that they can get an early start to Mattingly's house. Scrappy left after having a big dinner of stinky goodness. I sent her with a bag of crunchies, too, for a snack. They all had a good time playing with the new mousies. I think the girls are planning on stopping by to see Auntie Alicia in D.C. along the way. Their packs are packed with crunchies, treats, cell phone, and water. They also put on their collars with their tags, just in case. I don't think they'll blog before they leave, but I will be updating for them as I hear from them.

In other news, the "intruder" cat actually lives two doors up. It is mostly an indoor cat, but they were having flea issues. So they left the cat out. Now I don't feel quite so bad about it.

OMG!!!! We just had the biggest crash of lightning/ thunder that I have EVER seen/heard! I'm surprised the cats aren't on the ceiling! I know I still am. Haha. It set off car alarms all over the place. I swear that it sounded like it struck in the backyard. Now I'm jumping with every flash that I see out of the corner of my eye. Should make for a fun night of trying to sleep.

Allan should be in the air right about now....hope everything is going well with that. The girls will update y'all on that when they get back. Their Mimi and Uncle Brian (along with alot of my home church) are in Mexico for a mission trip right now. Please, if you get a chance, keep them in your prayers for me. As you can see....I have alot to pray about right now. Don't forget about Edsel's Mom, too!

~Momma Becca

Its's HERE!!!!

WooHoo! The torch is here!! Scrappy's a little tired, but happy to be here. We're all just gonna hang out 'round the house and watch the finches outside on the patio. Momma made sure to make Scrappy drink lotsa water and have a little snack. Later, Momma sez we can all have the tuna water!! Yummy! Well...we're gonna go be good hostesses now. We'll update some later.

BTW : the 'lympic officials sed that Kiara could run wif me to keep company. Yea!

Today's the Day!!!

Yippee!! Scrappy is on her way the our house wif the torch!!!! I'm soooo 'acited that I can hardly stand it! We maded sure to sleep well last night so we would be well rested. Kiara decided that she wanted to come along and keep me company, since we're going all the way to Mew York. Hope that's OK wif the 'lympic officials. But, to make ready for Scrappy's arrival, Momma gotted new treatsies, lots of stinky goodness, AND she maded tuna fish and saved the juice for us to have later!! And we have lots of cool water for drinking. The weather isn't supposed to be as hot here today, and there's a nice breeze to keep cool wif while running. The spare bedroom is all set up comfy for Scrappy, too. We can't wait to meet you Scrappy!! We gotta go get brushed, so we look our best! We'll be watching for you!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lots of News

Lots to report tonight.

Last night, there wuz an intruder on MY front porch. I (Kiara) growled real low in my throat....not the I'm-playing-with-Meeko kind. I meant business. Momma gotted up from the couch to see what wuz out there. She tried to calm me down, but I wanted no part of that. She did say what a good girl I wuz to tell her 'bout the intruder. That kitty had the nerve to come right up by the door to come in!!! We didn't let it, but Momma did put out some crunchies and water for it. She thinks it wuz someones cat that got out, 'cause she saud that it didn't look like it lived outside.

Today, when she wuz out hunting, Momma 'dopted some of Vir-ginger litter mates from the Green Wall Shelter. She gotted 3 of of each color. We named them Tinkerbell, Shadow, and Cleo after Momma's kitties-that-came-before-us. We're not sure if they're gonna live inside or out yet. We don't have pictures 'cause Daddy has the flashy box wif him in Japan.

Momma talked wif Daddy and he's havin fun in Japan. We'll have to have her ask him to bring back sushi. What's that Momma?? Sushi won't be good after 32 hours in an airplane? Hhhmm. We fink she's just sayin' that so if he forgets, we won't be sad. Daddy's gonna get to ride in an F-16 on monday and have a woofie fight. We didn't know that woffies hadded planes??? Did y'all?

Meeko here. I'm gettin' all 'cited for the torch to get here. I can't wait to meet Scrappy an Mattingly. See y'all then.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


We're sad today (and so is Momma). Daddy lefted yesterday for Japan. He called Momma afore she haded to leave for werk to say that he wuz in Tokyo. He's gonna be there for 2 weeks doin' Air Force stuff. He's efen gonna get to ride in a F-16!!! We're makin' sure to give Momma extra snuggles while he's gone. But, good news, Momma is feelin' all the way better now!! Yeah! No more unhappy tummy for Momma. We tolded her that she just needed to eat more grass.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


We gotted pressies in the mail yesterday!! It am from the Meezers! Sniff, I smell kitty crack?!? I DO!!! The box hadded kitty crack all in it! They sent some stinky goodness from Wegmans (it wuz yummy!), mousies wif feather tails, some ofer mousies, and some stuff for Momma too. Meeko liked playing attack the tissue paper! Fanks guys!! Purrs and headbutts, Meeko and Kiara

Momma here. Thanks meezer's Mom for all the wonderful presents. I love mine. The tart smells great, and the suncatcher is already hanging up.

Not sure if the pictures will all be in the right order or not....couldn't quite get that one figured out. Oh, well....y'all get the idea.

Snappy Dragons!!!

The snappy dragons are here!!!! Only they're not really dragons... we're sooo disappointed 'bout that. But, they're still purrty. Posted by Picasa
The hi-bis-cus opened up! Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 02, 2006

Momma was busy today

Momma wuz furry busy today. Here are a few of the fings she put in the dirt. She also planted a tom-a-toe, a straw-berry, snappy-dragons (but I didn't see the dragons..yet), and moved ofer stuffs around. I wuz all tired out just watchin' her. But, after she did all the plantin', she started to not feel so good again. :-( Poor Momma. Guess we'll have to be nurses for a little while longer. Daddy's all better tho. And he's here tonight an gonna take care of her too. ~Meeko Posted by Picasa
This is the Celosia. Posted by Picasa
This is the Hibiscus. Posted by Picasa