Monday, June 12, 2006

They're off!

Momma here again.
The girls left early this morning, with marching bands and even the Air Force Thunderbirds did a fly-by for the event! I don't think I got any sleep until after they left (that's why this is a little late getting posted.) I had a message that they took a little break in St Louis, with some water and treats to re-feul. Auntie Alicia just called to say that they just left her and are heading up towards New York. The girls stopped in D.C. to have lunch with their "auntie" and take a little rest. So on the lookout....they should be there in about an hour and half or so!! I'm sooooo proud of my girls (and all the other kitties)!!

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Scrappy said...

Have a safe trip!!!! Thanks for all the goodies!