Friday, December 29, 2006

New Pic-tors

Here's sum new pic-tors that Momma taked today. Meeko wuz sleeping most of the day, that's why there aren't any of her.

Emmy in the snow. You can efun see sum flakes falling in the pic-shur!

This is what owr front yard looks like.

Kiara unner owr Christmas tree.

Emmy wif Mimi. Emmy wuz tryin' to get Mimi's hot chocolate! Posted by Picasa

It's here!!!!

Whohoo!!!! Owr Secret Paw pressie gotted here today!! Efun wif all of the snow owtside. Owr paw wuz Knightly. We gots all kinds of cool stuff....fev-ver balls, NIP, Temptations, and fev-ver butt mousies!!!! Those are the best! We've never seen those kind afore. Kiara is all ofur the place wif 'em. Lookie at the pic-shurs (wif the new flashy box).....

Emmy "helpin" open the box.

Checkin' owt the fev-ver balls.

All of owr goodies!!

Fanks Knightly (and fambly) fur all of owr GREAT goodies!! We're gonna haf 38 kinds of fun tonight!! Gotta go....the NIP is calling us!

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Meeko wif the mousies.

Which one to play wif??

Kiara checkin' owt the new mousie.

I'm gonna get ya!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Whoohoo!!! Daddy's home!! Yeah! AND Mimi and Uncle Brian camed wif him. Tey're gonna be here until Jan. 2nd! We're sooo 'acited to have them here. Momma maded it home OK the ofur night, she's just been busy werking. We're supposed to get more snow like we hadded last week. That snow is STILL owtside! Now we're gonna haf MORE on top of it!! We'll be sure to take pic-tors of it. We're still waiting fur the mailbean to bring our Secret Paws package....Momma sed that we didn't get mail fur 2 days and that efurrything is messed up from the blizzard and the holiday too. We'll keep y'all posted.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Pic-tors!!

Here are sum pic-tors from Christmas. We're not in them 'cause Momma's not home wif us yet. But she will be in a few hours!!! Guess that means we better get the howse cleaned up frum the party we hadded. Heehee!!
This am Gabby. She used to be an owtside poodin' till Grammie 'dopted her. She talks...alot.

This am Belle unner the Christmas tree....afore Santy Claws camed.

This am Momma and Daddy wif their niece Hannah Grace.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

We want to wish efurrycat (and their fambly) a furry Merry Christmas!!!! We hopes that y'all get lots of catnip and fev-vers. Again, anycat is welcome to come by and visit tomorrow (or tonight) while their beans are owt. Victor and Bonnie camed ofur yesterday to visit and play in the snow.

Guess what??!?! Momma sed that Santa camed early to Grammie's howse and broughted her and Daddy a new flashy box!! Whoohoo!!! Now we can post pic-shurs!! She said it am all the way nice too.

Merry Christmas Y'all!!
~Meeko, Kiara, Emmy, & Fambly

Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday news

Well the sun finally camed owt today. The metal monsters wif shovels on the front camed through and cleared *most* of the roads. (Mainly the main roads, side streets are still 'entertaining' to drive on~Momma). The Colorado Springs airport wuz open last night, and Momma wuz able to get home to Texas. She's at Grammie and Grampie's howse now. Momma gotted to see her new niece Hannah at Mimi's when she stopped to get her suitcase fom Daddy's car. He drove in his metal monster on Monday. Momma sed that Hannah is furry cute. We'll try to post sum pic-shurs after Christmas.

Anycat is welcome to stop ofur and visit wif us. The more the merrier we say. Y'all can come play in the snow!!

We didn't get owr Secret Paws pressie afore Momma lefted 'cause the mailbeans didn't come on Wednesday OR Thursday!! Momma left afore it camed on Friday. will be waiting fur us when she gets home to us.

Grammie gots sum way cool birdies at her howse.....doves, baby doves, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds (MEANIES!!), and a pair of parakeets. and green parakeets. We they are a couple, 'acause one is really bright and the ofur isn't a colorful. Grammie isn't shur how long they's been owt there, but they kinda hang owt wif the sparrows. They all get along and the ofur birdies don't chase the parakeets off. It's kinda cute, Momma sez. We were thinkin' more along the lines of kinda tasty!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anofur Blizzard?!?!

Yup....we gots ANOFUR BLIZZARD!!!! Momma finks this one is worse than the last one (in Oct). The airport in Denver is shut down, along wif most of the highways in the state. The wind has been blowing since 5:30 this morning, if not earlier. And it's blowing 35mph wif gusts to 50+. Momma hadded a hard time walking to her car from the building where she werks, the wind kept blowing her around! But...we are all together and snug and warm. Momma's auntie didn't get to fly in today...maybe next week she said. Momma just hopes that efurrything is cleared up so she can fly to Texas on Friday.

We will be alone on Christmas Day, but Momma will get home that night. Gemini offered for us to teleport ofur to her howse, but we might just stay here. This way all of our friends can stop in here.....without adult supervision!! Y'all can try out the new kitty fountain and the new catnip toys that Momma maded for us. We're getting used to using the fountain now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Odds and Ends

Not much new here....just gettin' ready for Christmas. Daddy lefted today fur Texas. Momma will be leaving on Friday to go too. We wanted to post sum older pic-shurs, but blogger wasn't coperating (BIG suprise there) and Momma "wasn't in the mood to mess with it." So......we just gots some 'life around here' updates.

Auntie Alicia camed ofur the ofur day...and she brought us TREATS!!! Whoohoo!! We loves Auntie Alicia. They were fishie flavor too. And then the next day, Momma boughted us owr own water fountain!!! It runs just like the sink does, but all the time! It took a little while fur us to get used to it, but now we like it. Momma sez that she'll try to gets pics of us using it.

Tomorrow night, Auntie Alicia is staying wif us, and Momma is going to take her to the airport on her way to werk on wednesday morning. Sleep ofur time!!! Then....on Wednesday night, one of Momma's aunties from Cat-i-for-nia is coming to visit us. She (auntie) has a jobbie interview out here in the Springs on thurday. So she's gonna spend a few nights here wif us. Then, on friday, Momma is flying home to Texas after werk, so she can be wif Grammie, Grampie, Mimi, Daddy, and efurryone else for Christmas.

Wow....that was a lot of news. Hopw efurryone has a great week!! Time to go snuggle wif Momma, she's got a headache tonight. AND it's furry cold and supposed to snow! BTW....Momma's car is all the way better now!

Purrs to my sweetest Victor!! ~Emmy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good news!

Grate news!!! Momma gotted her metal monster back from the V-E-T!! She am all the way 'acited about it too. You'd fink that she won the lottery or somfing the way she's actin'. The car beans efun washed it fur her! Hope efurryone is having a good week.

We haf tried to post comments on some pages, but beta won't let us...boooo beta!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Elf names

My sweet Victor (aka Spicy Stocking Stuffer) showed me this.....~Emmy

Hopefully this will werk out better than owr vishus deer names did.

Emmy's elf name....
Dixie Sugar Butt
Kiara's elf name....
Sassy Blinking Bum
Meeko's elf name....
Minty Hot Chocolate
Momma's elf name....
Happy Tinsel Toes

And..they're off!!!

Whoo hoo!! Our secret paw pressies are in the mail!! We can't wait for them to get to our pal. We hopes they like what we gotted for them.

Momma's monster *should* be all better sometime this week!!! She can't hardly wait to get it back.

Hope efurryone had a good weekend! We gots to go help Momma wrap more Christmas pressies now.

Purrs and nose kissies to my Victor!~Emmy

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Momma wented hunting tonight and camed back wif our Secret Paw pressies!! Whoohoo!!! She's gonna *TRY* to get them to the mailman bean in the next few days!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vishus Rain Deer

Meeko is...


Sorry that it's fur-efur since we last posted!! Fings haf been crazy around here lately.

Ferst...the accident. Momma's monster is at the V-E-T gettin' all better. It's gonna be 3 squillon dollars to fix it!! Can y'all alieve it?!?! The ofur beans in-sur-ants is paying though. AND it's gonna be fur-efur for it to be all better. About 2-3 weeks~Momma.

Next.....we gots a TREE in the HOWSE!!! A real live fake tree wif an angel on top. How crazy is that??? It am furry pretty though. Momma didded good decorating it wif lots of shiny and sparkly fings. We like sleeping unner it. But Momma sez when Santy Claws comes there won't be room unner there fur us! That's not furry fair.

And then....we sented Momma shopping for our Secret Paws pressies!! Heehee! We can't hardly wait fur it to go to the mail place. Momma gots to box it up ferst she said. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be in the mail!!! We're not saying who we gots...but they do gots FUR!!!