Sunday, March 30, 2008

A'citing news!!!

We's got sum a'citing news!!! Auntie Alicia gotted engaged!!! WHOOHOOOOO!!!!!! It happened last week, but Momma's just NOW helpin' us post about it. Sorry!~Momma And...Momma is going to be Matron-of-Honor! Her eyes gotted all leaky when Auntie Alicia asked her. That's the two of them at Momma's bachelorette party. Momma's on the right. This ofur one is Daddy, Momma, Auntie Alicia, and Jon (her fiance). The guys and Auntie Alicia all wented to the Air Force Academy together.

In ofur news...we's gonna be bisiting wif Grammie and Grampie fur a whole week coming up. Momma and Daddy are going on a cruise (wifowt us!) and we get to stay wif Grammie. We're going there 'cause Ms. Sandy, who used to feed us, moved to Germany.

In more ofur news....we fink that the "M" werd is going to be implemented furry soon. Momma's bringing in sum boxes and talking about "movers", "loading the truck", and "inspections". We'll keep y'all posted, but it doesn't sound good at all.

Hope y'all haf a grate week!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello efurryone!!! Hope y'all are hafing a grate weekend! Spring has finally spung heer!! Whoohoo! Momma's flowers are all startin' ta come up. Sorry fur y'all that are getting *MORE* snow.

On a sadder note....Mimi called yesterday to tell us that Miss Kitty (the owtside kitty) wented to the Rainbow Bridge on Fursday. Momma and Grammie's eyes were leakin' last nite. But...Miss Kitty hadded a FURRY long life, 'specially fur an owtside only kitty living in a crowded place.

On a happy note....Grammie and Grampie came up to bisit us fur Easter!! We's furry happy to see them. Daddy and Grampie are owt smacking the little white ball all ofur the place.

That's about it fur now.

From all of us to all y'all,
Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Kiara heer.

I did somfing furry eggs-siting today!! Momma taked us owtside in the back yard when she gotted home frum hunting 'cause it wuz sooooo nice owt today. Well, while we wuz owt there....I tried climbing the pine tree!!! Momma wuzn't too happy 'bout it. In fact, she didn't realize that that's where I wuz 'till she heared my claws on the tree! (She wuz pulling sum weeds up). Boy...did she yell when she saw me!!! I wuz a squillion feet off the ground!!! Momma's note- only about five feet. There were birdies up there that I wuz tryin' to "bisit" wif. No biggie. But, the birdies DID come to eat while we wuz owt there. That wuz fury cool too. I may haf to try the tree thing again next time we go owt. I don't think so, missy. Dang it!!! BTW....Meeko hadded fun owtside too. Just not as much fun as me! Momma did laugh at us when we gotted scareded by the HUGE metal birdie that wuz landing in owr backyard. We were tripping ofur each ofur getting into the howse! It was an E-3 (airline-sized plane), not IN our yard, but a couple hundred yards away. It is pretty close though...they do startle me sometimes. One of the "benefits" of living on an Air Force base!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Today (3/11) am Grampie's 60th purfday!!!! Momma wented down to Texas this weekend to sur-prise him and to sell-y-brate. It werked!!! We luf you Grampie! So do Momma and Daddy. We'll see you in a few weeks!!

This am Grampie coming home frum the hospital. (He's the tiny thing you can barely see)

This am Momma and Grampie dancin' at the wedding this summer.

pee ess- Momma sed, "Holy crap....I actually got pictures to post right the FIRST time tonight!!"