Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Broken Spring Update

Well....Momma, Daddy, and Uncle Dan gotted to Texas alright. Theys all just relaxing and hanging owt wif fambly. Apparently Momma wuz furry dirty, since she hadded TWO showers ofur the weekend. Wait... what's that Emmy? OHHHHHH....wedding showers, not rainroom showers. I get it now! Heehee. She and Daddy gotted all kinds of stuff!! We'll try to get sum pic-shurs up later. Momma goes today to get her fancy bridal pic-shurs done. She gets to go get her hair done, makeup, tiara, and wear her fancy dress!

Fanks efurrycat that came by ofur the weekend...y'll are welcome to stop by all week too!


Thursday, March 22, 2007


WHOOHOO!!! It's owr FERST Blogiversary!!! Whoda thunk it...when we ferst started owt that we'd still be here a year later?? And wif such amazing furiends! Y'all are awesomw! We's sorry that we haven't been as active recently...it's been furry crazy around owr howse.

But...efurrycat is welcome to come ofur this weekend. Momma and Daddy (wif Uncle Dan) have gone to Texas fur a week, so we gots the howse to owrselves!!! That means it's time fur a par-tay!!! Feel free to come and go...we don't fink that we will be able to host a grate (live) party like ofur haf since Momma won't be near a 'puter fur 57 hours. But we'd love to have y'all ofur anyways!

~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

Nose kisses to my sweetie! ~Emmy

pee ess- Can y'all keep Momma, Daddy, Uncle Dan, and the rest of owr "fambly" owt here in yur thoughts and prayers as they are all traveling all ofur the country? Fanks!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Party Time!!!

Hi y'all!!!

We just realized that owr ferst blogiversary is this Friday!!!! We am all the way 'acited. Momma and Daddy (& Uncle Dan) are going to Texas fur a whole week 'cuz Spring broke again! So....we's finkin' 'bout havin' a party ofur here! Momma won't know, and as long as we're quite, neither will the neighbors! Heehee!!! Miss Jessica is takin' care of us while they are gone. We like her. But anycat can feel free to drop in at any time during the next week.

Can you Texas kitties keep an eye owt for Momma and Daddy?? They are going to be in the Mid-Cities area. Fanks!!!

In ofur news....Momma gotted CLAWS putted on her fingers!!! What's that Momma??? Oh...they is 'fake nails' fur when she gets her bridal portraits taken next week. OK. All we know is that they feel GRATE when she scratches us wif them.

Nose kisses to my sweet Victor! Hope to see you ofur the weekend! ~Emmy

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We's still here

Hi y'all!!!!

Sorry that we've been so quiet. Time shur flies sometimes. Momma has just been furry busy wif all kinds of fings and hasn't really had time to help us blog. We DO get to keep up wif efurryone though. We realized that we didn't post for Grampy or Uncle Dan's purfdays!!! bad kitties! "Uncle Kenny" is continuing to improve and Uncle Dan hadded his wisdom teef taken owt....guess they figure that if he gotted in to Air Force Academy that he's smart enough! Heehee!

So, Momma's been busy wif werk(LATE hours), wedding stuff, and starting her own business! Yup...y'all readed that right! She's a Mary Kay consulant now and there's pink stuff efurrywhere! So....if y'all know of anybean who wants/needs/haf to have sum make-up, feel free to contact us!


P.S. Purrs and special nose kisses to my sweetie, who I dream about efurry day! ~Emmy