Sunday, October 29, 2006

Snow pic-shures!!

Emmy in the snow.
Kiara in the snow.
The street in front of the howse.

Momma's "beer garden"...she and Daddy hadded a party, and used the snow for a cooler!

Sorry that the werds are all messed up and not by the pic-shures....blogger was stoopid (again) and Momma isn't used to posting wif Picasa.

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More Snow Pic-shurs

This is our backyard. And yes, the snow is halfway up the fence.

12 inches of snow!!

Our front door before Momma and Auntie Laura "shoveled" it wif the sled. (that's Momma)
The front patio between our howse and Auntie Laura's. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yup...there's a blizzard outside!!! And Momma and Auntie Laura taked us out in it!!! AND they taked pic-shures of us! They'll get posted later. What Momma? Oh... she sez it wasn't really bad on the porch where we were. But we did have four foot drifts there. And Momma couldn't get in the door when she gotted home from werk. Yes, she hadded to go in for sum beans surgeries, but they all gotted to go home earlt. Well, we gots to go snuggle now!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Double Shot

It's a tortie tummie!!

Note: the batteries on the flashy box are we's don't have any Emmy tummy pict0ures (sorry Victor). Momma will fix that soon!
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Tummie Tesday

Here's Meeko's tum-tum!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006


Emmy here- Tonight ...when Momma gotted home from werk, she wuz pettin' me and scritchin' my ears. Well, she felt somfin' funny on my hed. She looked....and it wuz a CLAW SHEATH!!! STUCK IN MY HED!!! She tooked it out fur me (it kinda hurted a little) an gave me kissies on it to make it all better. But, it wuz!!!! Not all!!

Note: Momma just noticed 2 scratches on my nose and one on Meeko's. Now Momma is mumbling somfing 'bout claw caps fur all of us when she gets paid?!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

Dang it!! The Dread Pirate Blogger stikes again!! We wanted to post pics for Tummy/Tortie Tuesday..but it won't let us. Stoopid blogger!! Plus our blogrolling hasn't been werking right eifur! Gggrrr! Momma has been saying sum bad werds at the 'puter.

Anywho, sorry we haven't been around as often as is the past. Momma has been pretty busy and not able to help us blog. She sez that she feels bad about it too (as well she should!). We have been keeping up with efurrycat though. We hadded a nice visit wif Victor and Bonnie this weekend in Whisckerconsin. We saw all of the purrty leaves on the trees, birdies, squirrels, ate temptations, and snuggled. It was 24 kinds of fun!

Emmy is settleing in well. There is still plenty of hissing and fighting going on. Meeko is efun sporting a scratched nose! We're not saying who gave it to her....Momma isn't furry happy 'bout that!

It's SNOWING here again!! It started this afternoon, and it's still falling! There's got to be about a squillion inches on the ground!! (Only about 6 inches- momma) Momma gotted out her heaty blankey and flannel sheets for her bed.....guess we know where we're all gonna be sleeping! We would get pictures of the snow, but Daddy has the flashy box wif him at school. Now Momma is muttering somfing 'bout waxing her skis, digging out the gloves, going to the mountains, hitting the powder...not shur what that's all about??

Check out this site! Sum nice bean putted Momma's 9/11 tribute up on this site! How cool is that?!?! Momma is way proud of it! The entire site is furry cool.

Time to go snuggle wif Momma now! Anycat that wants to come see the snow is welcome to come visit!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


What the h*ll!! It snowed this morning!!!! What's up wif that? We didn't get alot....just a dusting on the grass. The wever guy sed that C. Springs gotted about an inch. Guess it's time fur us to start growing out our thick winter coats.

I'm shur glad that I don't live outside anymore....efen if the ofur two still fight wif me and get all hissy. ~Emmy

We might go visit our friend Victor ( and Bonnie) in Whiskerconsin tomorrow or thursday. We want to get up there before all of the pretty leaves fall off of the trees.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We lost.

Well.....we losted. :-( But, they sed that it wuz a purrty good game. Now Momma is looking forward to the Air Force- Notre Dame game (Grampie is coming out fur that game). Momma wuz happy that Notre Dame won. Daddy wuz happy that Texas beated OU. Yes....we like our football in this house!!

We hadded a good visit wif Victor. Momma lefted the blinds open so we good lay in the sunspots. And we watched the birdies. We're gonna go visit his house sometime this week. We can't wait.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Good mornin' y'all!!

We shur haded fun at Luna's party last night....we gotted there a little late though. We're furry glad that she's home now. Victor is coming ofur today to hang out wif us. Momma is going to be at the Air Force/ Navy game, so she won't mind. And were gonna go see him some time this week, and see all of the purrty fall leaves. Hope wfurryone has a great weekend!!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We (and Momma) just wanted to say fanks to efurrycat for the kind werds of encouragement. It means alot to us. We were hesitant 'cause we didn't want anycat to feel that we were bragging 'bout Momma. We kinda were...but y'all know what we mean. The new jobbie is going well. Momma is just trying to get the 'lay of the land' as it were. She already knows some of the dok-tors she's werking wif. She's just really sleepy...she's not used to getting up that early in the morning anymore (she has to be there at 7 am). Hope efurrycat is having a good week! Time to go watch the Stars play hockey wif Momma!! (, Momma's not playin' hockey...just watchin' it. We can see how you would fink that. Heehee)

Monday, October 02, 2006


Hi y'all. Just wanted to post reel quick. Momma wuz furry busy at her old werk the past few nights.....she werked 5 straight nights! 12 hours each night!!! We finks that means LOTS of treatsies for us!! Momma started her new jobbie today. She liked it, and she will be werking during the day now and not at night. Also...the new place is only 10 minutes from the howse, not 45 like the ofur. We haven't sed too much 'bout this, a'cause of ofur's not-so-good jobbie situations. We're keepin' them in our prayers though. TTFN...hopefully we'll have more later in the week.