Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

Dang it!! The Dread Pirate Blogger stikes again!! We wanted to post pics for Tummy/Tortie Tuesday..but it won't let us. Stoopid blogger!! Plus our blogrolling hasn't been werking right eifur! Gggrrr! Momma has been saying sum bad werds at the 'puter.

Anywho, sorry we haven't been around as often as is the past. Momma has been pretty busy and not able to help us blog. She sez that she feels bad about it too (as well she should!). We have been keeping up with efurrycat though. We hadded a nice visit wif Victor and Bonnie this weekend in Whisckerconsin. We saw all of the purrty leaves on the trees, birdies, squirrels, ate temptations, and snuggled. It was 24 kinds of fun!

Emmy is settleing in well. There is still plenty of hissing and fighting going on. Meeko is efun sporting a scratched nose! We're not saying who gave it to her....Momma isn't furry happy 'bout that!

It's SNOWING here again!! It started this afternoon, and it's still falling! There's got to be about a squillion inches on the ground!! (Only about 6 inches- momma) Momma gotted out her heaty blankey and flannel sheets for her bed.....guess we know where we're all gonna be sleeping! We would get pictures of the snow, but Daddy has the flashy box wif him at school. Now Momma is muttering somfing 'bout waxing her skis, digging out the gloves, going to the mountains, hitting the powder...not shur what that's all about??

Check out this site! Sum nice bean putted Momma's 9/11 tribute up on this site! How cool is that?!?! Momma is way proud of it! The entire site is furry cool.

Time to go snuggle wif Momma now! Anycat that wants to come see the snow is welcome to come visit!


Gattina said...

I agree ! Blogger is haunted by a goast blocking uploading ! How does snow feel ?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

snow? what's that? what kin ya do wif it?

we checked out the tribute link - that IS way cool!

Hot(M)BC said...

Dread Pirate Blogger strikes again. The tribute is way cool. Your Mom did a great job!

Snow is VERY COLD white stuff that falls out of the sky. It sticks to your paws and fur. Yuk. I recommend throwing it far far away, that's what I'd do with it.

Gemini said...

Oh I don't know about snow, but Momma is jealous about the thought of waxing skis ALREADY! She says she'll be lucky to be skiing by December up here!

Fat Eric said...

SNOW!!!??? My mum is still wearing a T-shirt and sandals at work. The leaves are just starting to go orange here in London but they aren't falling off the trees yet. We are still harvesting tomatoes out in the garden! But my mum has bought some fleece to wrap her plants in for when it does get frosty, hopefully not till late November. Last winter we only had 1 day of snow in London all winter.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Snow? It's WAY too early for that,although it will be here soon enough.*sigh*.
Cool link.

Victor Tabbycat said...

"Only" 6 inches!?! Any time you want to come to Whiskonsin, you're furry welcome. We won't get much snow til later, like maybe not til Christmouse time.

Mom said she nefur has truble wif pictors she keeps on Flickr an links to in Blogger. It's furry easy an she puts more pictor there than on the blog. If yur mom wants to try it an needs any help, she can email my mom.

Victor Tabbycat said...

An, Emmy? I's been thinkin, an, um, I like you. I mean, um, you know? You's a furry furry nice kitty an I'm furry sad blogger eated yur pictors cuz I like seein you. Purrs,

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Emmy, I shouldn'ta said we don't get snow this early; it snowed Caturday amost an inch an it's been kinda stickin round this time.
I can't wait to see yur pictors.
Purrs an nose nudges,