Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We gots sum BIG NEWS ta share wif y'all!!! (Well, Momma's FB friends already know)

We's gettin' anofur BABY SISTER!!! She's due mid-July. Momma and Daddy gotted ta take a peek at her today (and find out she's a she!)

Heer's a pic of owr favrit BIG sister-to-be.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kiara's Purrfday!!!

Today am Kiara's 9th purrfday!!! We's not shur what's planned fur today yet, but it will prolly be pretty low key. Momma sed sumfing 'bout maybe going owtside fur a little while and getting brushed. We already gotted more than owr usual amount of treats this morning!

Hope y'all haf a grate day!!!

(Today wuz also Shadow's purrfday. She's one of Momma's kitties-that-came-before and lifed wif Grammie and Poppie when Momma wented to lif by herself.)