Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anny-bersary!!!

Today, June 30th, am Momma and Daddy's 1st anny-bersary!! We lufs y'all bof, and wish you many more yeers together! With us, of course!

Purrs and nose kisses,
~Meeko & Kiara

Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday!!! (and a post!!)

Hi y'all!!! Sorry that it's been fur-efur since we posted, but things haf been furry crazy. 'Specially wif Daddy startin' skool, and coming and going odd hours. He's doing well, and passed his ferst MAJOR test!!! Whoohoo!! Momma actually started a blog fur them (so they'll quit hogging owrs!). You can find it heer: Uncle Dan has his own bloggie too. It's heer. The links werk now....hehe. He's doin' the same fing that Daddy is, but he's a little bit ahead of Daddy. In ofur news Momma & Daddy's new nef-eww has arrived!! His name is Caleb (pics to come later).

ENOUGH about them....that's why they have their OWN BLOG!!! Hint, hint....

Lookie at this silly dove. We've nefur seen a dove trying to eat frum a feeder! He's furry entertaining to watch!!

This is owr backyard buffet!! Y'all are all welcome to come and enjoy. There's usually more, but Momma couldn't get them all in one shot!

THIS wuz in OWR backyard yesterday!! Can you 'alieve it?!?! Not one, but three woofies!!! AND another one came later!! They're Momma's friends dogs, and the ladies were all in their kiddie pool and brought the dogs ofur. The woofies wented in their little pool. You can see it in the background. Momma sed that two of the woofies gotted in the "big" pool wif them!

Haf a grate weekend efurryone!!!
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Friday, June 06, 2008

Yay Daddy!!!

Today, after 1 yeer of prep skool, 4 yeers at the Academy, and 1 MORE yeer of's finally heer! Daddy is starting pilot skool today!!!! Whoohooooo! We am all the way proud of Daddy and love him lots!! Good luck Daddy!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Pic-shurs

This is Meeko..."helping" Momma unpack.

This am Grace, Auntie Lauras' woofie.
She's purrty nice....fur a woofie!

Who'da thunk that a go-fur liked ham-burgers??

We's not shur what kinda birdie this is....any ideas?

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Monday, June 02, 2008

They're heeerrree!!!!

Owr ham-micks frum Forty Paws gotted heer on Saturday!!!
Meeko's checkin' owt the box...

Kiara wanted to take a peek too...

It's furry comfy!

I agree!!!

Fanks Forty Paws...we luf owr new ham-micks!!!

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