Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Pic-shurs

This is Meeko..."helping" Momma unpack.

This am Grace, Auntie Lauras' woofie.
She's purrty nice....fur a woofie!

Who'da thunk that a go-fur liked ham-burgers??

We's not shur what kinda birdie this is....any ideas?

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muffinmidi said...

The bird looks like a jay. There are several varieties found in the west.I don'thave a bird book that covrs the wstrn states, so I can't be more specific.
Welcome to military life. Moving and leaving your frieds is hard, but seeing dfferent places and adapting to those new places can be a fun challege, too.
My father was on submarines. We spent over a decade homeported in Groton, Conn. (alias Rotten Groton).After that, any place looks good.
Across the river from us, in New London, was the Coast Guard Academy.Those sevice academies are tough. If your husband could make it through the USAFA, he should find military life a breeze.Tracy