Friday, February 29, 2008


Well...Momma finks that Spring is starting When she wuz owt feedin' the birdies and squirrlies yesterday morning , she sed that the air smelled like spring. Sounds crazy to us. AND sum of the tress are stating to get buds on them and the squirrlies and birdies are startin' to act "frisky"- whatefur that's 'apposed to mean. Momma might efen be able to open sum of the windows today!!! Whoohoo!

Gotta run...Momma has to go get her new mouf crown putted on. Haf a grate Leap Day Y'all!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pressies, animals, ofur odds & ends

Hi efurryone!! Sorry that it's been fur-efur that we've posted.

Momma gotted owr pressies fur us finally!! But....we DID get lots of grate stuff! Pics to follow.

We're also including sum ofur pic-shurs as well. The flowers that she gotted fur Balatine's Day; her pic-shurs frum the Zoo that she tooked today. Stuff like that.

Sorry if the slide show is too long.

This WAS supposed to be wif the slide show...but Momma can't get it to werk ight and she's startin' to say sum fury bad werds!!!!

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They say it's MY purrfday!!!

Kiara heer- Today is my purrfday!!! least it's the best guess that Momma maded when she gotted me and they didn't know the "real" day. I'm a whole 6 years old now. Does that mean that I'm all growed up now? I hope I(we) get a new cardboard scratchy box....owrs is pretty clawed up. Momma has to go hunting early today until late tonight. That doesn't leaf much time fur shoppin'. Hmmm. But, she DOES haf to get the green papers to go shopping wif, so I guess I'll let it slide if she's late wif my pressies.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


We need y'alls help......we can't find owr links!!! Does anycat know where they wented to? They were there this morning, but now they are gone. GRRRRRRR!!! It makes it furry hard to check in on owr friends. Stoopid blogger.

Fanks fur your support.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Whoo-hoo!!! The big game is finally heer. We's cheering fur the Patriots...since owr Bears aren't in it. Grammie is frum New England so, Momma has always kinda cheered for them. We's havin' to stay close to Momma and give her extra snuggles today, a'cause Daddy lefted fur training. He's gonna be gone fur eleventy-seven weeks. We's gonna miss him lots and lots.

In ofur news....Momma and Daddy are going to haf a new nephew soon!! Hannah's mom is pregnant and is due on Momma and Daddy's wedding anniversary. Efurryone is all the way a'citied 'bout it too!! Momma sez that it takes the pressure off of her and Daddy when it come time fur them to start a fambly...whatever that means.

Gotta's almost time fur kickoff!!!