Sunday, May 31, 2009


Momma comes home tomorrow!!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!

Not that we haven't loved owr Daddy-time, but it's just not the same wifowt Momma heer. BTW .....big congrart to owr Uncle Brian on graduating high school!! We's furry proud of him.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Odds & End

Hi Y'all!! We just wanted to make a qwick post saying that we's not gonna be able to bisit for a few days. Momma wented to Ft. Worth fur blurpy showers and isn't heer to help us. She tired to help while we were on the phone, but Grammie's inner-nets "wigged" owt on Momma. Soooo....that means no blogging fur us. Daddy is heer wif us and is taking good care of us. He efun gave us stinky goodness last nite!!! (We don't get it alla time, a'cause half the time we won't eat it.) He sed he wouldn't a'cause it stinks so bad...hehe.

We wants to send a HUGE Concats to owr "Uncle" Jon ("Auntie" Alicia's hubby). Him's gonna be flyin' F-15e's as his furefur plane!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!! That wuz furry a'citing news to heer on Friday nite. We's all furry proud of him. He and Daddy are really good friends frum the Academy.

That's all we gots. Hope y'all have a grate weekend and a safe Memorial Day! Thanks also to alla owr military members (and famblies) fur all they do fur alla us!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

We've had a pretty boring week since owr last post. Nothin' really goin' on around heer. Just nappin' and snugglin' wif Momma. She's gonna be leafin' us on Thursday to fly home to Ft. Worth fur 10 days!!! What are we gonna do?!?! Daddy will still be wif us tho. She's goin' home fur baby showers and graduations. Sounds like she's gonna be furry busy!!

Today, Momma gotted to go see Daddy fly his whirly-bird fur the ferst time!! Ax-shully...she's NEFUR seen him fly at all!! We're letting them post sum pic-shurs and bideos today to be nice. A'sides...y'all might want to see a whirly-bird too!!

Yup...they fly wif the doors open and usually the windows too!

That's Daddy wif his hand owt the window!

The rotor blades were still spinning ofur Momma's hed!!! Eeekkk!!!

Yes....Momma reely wuz that close to it.

Daddy is at the controls....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Momma!!! And Grammie, and Mimi, and alla the ofur Mom's and Mom's-to-be out there!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Witless Wednesday

We WERE gonna put a pic-shur of Momma up fur Widebody Wednesday, but....a) we thought that would be a little too mean and we like owr treats and b) she realized last night that she forgot Meeko's purrfday!!! Again!!! She forgotted Kiara's already this year. The kicker that since she didn't know Meeko's actual purrfday (the shelter didn't know, just early May), Momma putted it on Grammie and Poppie's anniversary, so SHE WOULDN'T FORGET!!! Y'all can see how well that worked out. She's becoming more and more witless as the days pass! Sheesh! See what we gots to put up wif....anycat want her?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

Today am Grammie and Poppie's 35th wedding anniversary!! They are on a cruise right now to celly-brate. They were supposed to go to Mexico, but are going up towards Canada instead. We fink they are in San Fran Cisico today. We love you guys!!! Momma can't wait to see y'all in a couple of weeks!!