Sunday, May 24, 2009

Odds & End

Hi Y'all!! We just wanted to make a qwick post saying that we's not gonna be able to bisit for a few days. Momma wented to Ft. Worth fur blurpy showers and isn't heer to help us. She tired to help while we were on the phone, but Grammie's inner-nets "wigged" owt on Momma. Soooo....that means no blogging fur us. Daddy is heer wif us and is taking good care of us. He efun gave us stinky goodness last nite!!! (We don't get it alla time, a'cause half the time we won't eat it.) He sed he wouldn't a'cause it stinks so bad...hehe.

We wants to send a HUGE Concats to owr "Uncle" Jon ("Auntie" Alicia's hubby). Him's gonna be flyin' F-15e's as his furefur plane!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!! That wuz furry a'citing news to heer on Friday nite. We's all furry proud of him. He and Daddy are really good friends frum the Academy.

That's all we gots. Hope y'all have a grate weekend and a safe Memorial Day! Thanks also to alla owr military members (and famblies) fur all they do fur alla us!


Angel said...

We understand hoe internet works at Grammie' houses. Ours has dialup! We are proud of your Dad and Uncle Jon and all the other Military members and their familys!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope you get some extra treats while your person is away! I hate it when mine is gone.