Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Bof Momma and Grammie wanted to say fanks fur all the kind purfday wishes!! We want to fank efurrycat that camed by to bisit while Momma and Daddy wuz gone! We hadded lots of fun...and thay didn't efun know about it! Although, somecat hadded too many niptini's and lefted a "pressie" on the upstairs landing. We're not naming any names to protect the innocent.

It's snowing here....again. We're only s'posed to goet 2-5" this time. We still gots about a foot owt back and a couple of inches owt front. Daddy sez that maybe more beer will grow in the garden?? We's not too shur 'bout that one.

G'night efurryone!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anofur Purrfday!

Today is Grammie's purrfday!! Happy Purrfday Grammie!!! And...tomorrow is Uncle Chris's purrfday. He's Daddy's older brofur. Momma is going to get to go home to Texas on Thursday to see efurryone. She is all the way a'cited!!! She sed not to worry.....Miss Kerri is going to be taking care of us.

Snuggles to my sweetest!!~Emmy

Friday, January 26, 2007


Momma wants to fank efurryone fur their purrfday wishes. She and Daddy wented owt fur dinner to cellybrate. We gotted her sum fings fur keeping warm while skiing.....furry warm mittens and a face mask fingy. They, along wif 12 of the friends, are going skiing all weekend. They're gonna cellybrate Momma and Auntie Alicia's purrfday's! So....anycat that wants to come bisit, is more than welcome....Momma putted owt lots of crunchies and water fur us.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Day!!

Happy Purrfday Momma!!!! We loves you furry, furry much!

~Meeko, Kiara, and Emmy

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heat wave!!

We're havin' a heat wave...a tropical heat wave! Axshully...not really. But it did get up to 38 degrees today. Momma efen hadded the sunroof on the metal monster open!! And she wuz running her errants wifowt her jacket on! (Don't tell Grammie that!) Momma sed that it wasn't too bad owt...the sun wuz shinning, no wind, above freezing temperatures. THat just shows y'all how cold it really has been around here. Gotta run off fur now....we gots to find a pressie fur Momma.

Nose kisses to my sweetheart! ~Emmy

pee ess- Could y'all please keep Mimi and the rest of Momma and Daddy's church fambly back home in your prayers...the're leaving tomorrow to go to Mexico for a mission trip. Fanks!

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Slide Show!

Effurycat liked the ofur slide show, so we maded anofur one!!! Momma sez that owr new "toy" is acshully a night light fur HER!! She gotted it at Kohl's and it werks kinda like the old lava lamps (whatefur those are). Anycat is welcome to come play wif it whenefur they want...but it werks better at night.

Mr. Squirell was't really that close to us....the flashy box just makes it look like that.

Heehee...I scareded Momma last night!!! She didn't know that I wuz on the bed when she wuz talkin' to Daddy on the phone thingy. I scareded her when I stepped on her boob!! It wuz pretty funny! ~Emmy....special purrs, nosekisses and headbutts to my sweet Victor!

We need y'alls help.....Momma's purrfday is 2 days away and we don't know what to get her. We DO haf the plastic card wif numbers on it that we founded by the 'puter. Any help would be grate!! Fanks!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Emmy here- When Momma gotted home from werk tonight, after the V-E-T maded her spine sound like a bowl of rice krispies, she lefted again. When she gotted back....she smelled like (looks around) anofur poodin!!! She sez that she wented to feed Max, Miss Kerri's poodin. She's the one that takes care of us when Momma is gone, so I guess that it's OK. Special purrs and kisses to my sweet Victor!

Kiara here-Momma gotted me the COOLEST toy EFUR!!! I only play wif it at night when it's dark owt. plugs in to the wall and it lights up. When it's been litted up fur a little bit, this is the fun part, it SPARKLES!! And it makes sparkles on the floor fur me to chase! It's about a squillon kinds of fun!!!! Momma laughs when she hears me chasin' the sparkles....while she's tryin' to sleep. Who can sleep wif that kinda fun goin' on??!? Silly Momma. Bye!

Now it's MY turn! ~Meeko- On a serious note....some of y'all may have herd about the ginormous fire that wuz here in the Springs the ofur day. If not, the entire 135 unit complex burned down to the ground starting on Mon. night. The fire finally wented owt today! Firemen founded 2 woofies and 1 poodin' that survived (so far) !!! But, sadly, 2 beans didn't survive. The worst part is that sum stoopid, mean person STARTED the fire! On PURPOSE!!!! Can y'all alieve it?!? That mean idiot has been arrested already. Momma and her co-werkers tooked up a collection and donated stuff for the victims. We just wanted to ask all of y'all to include these poor beans in yur prayers. This situation is Momma werstest nightmare. Fanks!

BTW~ Grammie is feeling *somewhat* better. She sez "I've felt better, and I've felt worse." Fanks fur all of yur kinds thoughts and werds. She reads all of y'all's bloggies too!

Note from Momma: Recently I have been having alot of headaches, without knowing why. Turns out that I have/had Grade 3 whiplash from the car accident in Nov. Glad that I went and got check out. I have had a handful of adjustments and the headaches are GONE! Whoohoo! Have a great weekend and stay warm. We're getting ready for *more* snow over the weekend.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Purrs fur Grammie

Well, Momma just gotted off the phone thingy wif Grammie (her momma). Grammie has been sickie fur a few days efun after Gabby and Belle didded purr therapy and cat scans. She wented to the bean V-E-T today and founded owt that she gots new-mo-knee-ah. That doesn't sound furry good to us!! Momma sez that Grammie is hacking and coughing furry badly too. Now, Grammie can't go to werk for a squillion days!! (More like a week~momma). We's sending purrs to help you feel all the way better soon Grammie!

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap....gotta run and hide!! The carpet monster is coming!!

Nose kisses to my sweetie!!!~Emmy(as she runs off to hide too)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We're still here

Just a quick post to let efurryone know that we're still here! Momma's just been furry busy and gettin' home late. We have been keepin' up wif efurryone tho. We're gettin' ready fur *anofur* snow storm. Not shur how bad this one is gonna weather bean has decided yet, we fink. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Check out owr Slide Show!

We gotted a special pressie from Bonnie and Victor!! Here's sum pic-tors that Momma tooked of us. Let us know what y'all fink 'bout the slide show.....Momma was tired of not being able to put all of the pic-tors that she wanted up. If y'all like it....mebee we'll put more up this way. BTW....sorry fur being kinda "quite" this past week. Wif Mimi and Uncle Brian visiting, Momma didn't want to be rude and spend tons of time on the 'puter. We were able to *mostly* keep up wif efurryone.

Special purrs and nuzzles to my sweet Victor! ~Emmy