Thursday, January 18, 2007


Emmy here- When Momma gotted home from werk tonight, after the V-E-T maded her spine sound like a bowl of rice krispies, she lefted again. When she gotted back....she smelled like (looks around) anofur poodin!!! She sez that she wented to feed Max, Miss Kerri's poodin. She's the one that takes care of us when Momma is gone, so I guess that it's OK. Special purrs and kisses to my sweet Victor!

Kiara here-Momma gotted me the COOLEST toy EFUR!!! I only play wif it at night when it's dark owt. plugs in to the wall and it lights up. When it's been litted up fur a little bit, this is the fun part, it SPARKLES!! And it makes sparkles on the floor fur me to chase! It's about a squillon kinds of fun!!!! Momma laughs when she hears me chasin' the sparkles....while she's tryin' to sleep. Who can sleep wif that kinda fun goin' on??!? Silly Momma. Bye!

Now it's MY turn! ~Meeko- On a serious note....some of y'all may have herd about the ginormous fire that wuz here in the Springs the ofur day. If not, the entire 135 unit complex burned down to the ground starting on Mon. night. The fire finally wented owt today! Firemen founded 2 woofies and 1 poodin' that survived (so far) !!! But, sadly, 2 beans didn't survive. The worst part is that sum stoopid, mean person STARTED the fire! On PURPOSE!!!! Can y'all alieve it?!? That mean idiot has been arrested already. Momma and her co-werkers tooked up a collection and donated stuff for the victims. We just wanted to ask all of y'all to include these poor beans in yur prayers. This situation is Momma werstest nightmare. Fanks!

BTW~ Grammie is feeling *somewhat* better. She sez "I've felt better, and I've felt worse." Fanks fur all of yur kinds thoughts and werds. She reads all of y'all's bloggies too!

Note from Momma: Recently I have been having alot of headaches, without knowing why. Turns out that I have/had Grade 3 whiplash from the car accident in Nov. Glad that I went and got check out. I have had a handful of adjustments and the headaches are GONE! Whoohoo! Have a great weekend and stay warm. We're getting ready for *more* snow over the weekend.


Zeus said...

I can't believe someone started that fire on purpose. That's absolutely ridiculous, and I hope that his trial is quick so he can get started on serving some time. Unbelievable.

We're glad you're feeling better, LSP Mom and Grannie. We'll keep you both in our thoughts. Stay warm out there - it's too cold not to!

William said...

I'm glad your mom and grammie are both doing better. Kiara, you'll have to try to get a picture of that cool toy so i can show my mom--it sounds like a great deal of fun!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we didn't hear 'bout yur fire, but we hadded one here last week too. it burned 5 houses in Malibu all up an was furry horrybull. we'll be purrin' for them.

Eric and Flynn said...

We nefurr herd bowt dat fire, but it is terrybull dat some bean could do that on purrpuss. Thay should be locked up furr life.
We's glad yer mum an yer grammie are feeling better.

ArtsyCatsy said...

Our Momma says to tell your Momma to do everything she can to help that whiplash. Ours had just a tiny one a long time ago and didn't start having trouble until 8 years later! So it's best to keep having tuneup adjustments for a long time!

The ArtsyCatsy catstaff

Dragonheart said...

That is very sad about the fire, and horrible that some person started it on purpose! I will keep the victims of the fire in my purrayers.

Glad to hear that your mom's headaches are better, and I'm sending positive thoughts and purrs your grammie's way.

Forty Paws said...

Hi Guys,
Fank u fur droppin by owr bloggie. We is happy to meat u. Owr Maw wood luf to leaf Dallas an go to Cauliradoe, or sumwears else. She sez she tyred of heat an drought an too many BEANS, oh and da illegal aliens. We ist skeered of aliens efur sinced we saw Alien on the talkin pictshur box.
Luf, Us

lambj said...

Oh Sweet Emmy! I didn't hear bout the compartment fire, but that's just awful! If I'd herd, I'd haf been furry worried bout you. Does yur beans haf renters insurance? Mine got it fur their last rental an it was only $75/year! Mom says that's cheap compared to replacin efurryfing.

I don't like when my mom comes home smellin of ofur cats, eifur. Nacho was the worstest cuz he put his stinky rub all ofur her hands, but he has a home now an he'll nefur rub MY mom again.

An sorry bout yur Mom's back! At least she founded out what was wrong an can correct it. An Grammie's on the mend, too - we'll keep purring fur her.

I gotta check out Kiara's new toy next time I bisit. Hint, hint, I'd lurve to visit agin soon. Oh, an we finally got snow! Lots an lots! That's usually no news in Jan, but not this year.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, poo. Charcoalie borrowed my login. That was me, Sweet Emmy!
Purrs an nosekisses,