Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stars Won!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!!! Stars Win! Stars Win!

The Stars won tonight, avoiding being swept by the Avs. (Whatever that means) Momma was way excited about that!!! Maybe there's hope for the Stars after all...but they do have to win the next 3 in a row. Momma's just happy that she's finally getting to watch the games, even if it is the Avs announcers calling it.

Yes, we know that we opened this post by quoting Harry Caray who used to call the Cubs games, may he rest in peace. Momma's a Cubs fan too!! (and she gotted to meet Harry a long time ago)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Biology lesson

Jump over to Crew's Views for biology lesson. Or would it be anatomy?? Eifer way...very informative. Thanks George for the info!!! Yes, we read it....even tho you said that it was' just for the guys' .

Gotta go watch the Stars wif Momma....she's sad that they are most likely out of the playoffs after tonight. :-(

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Daddy's Purrfday!!

Happy Purrfday Daddy!!!! We gotted Daddy 2 of the Harry Potter movies, and Momma got him the other one, so now we have all of them! He also got a game for his X-Box thingy that he plays on the big moving picture thing. Momma didn't get to post about it earlier 'cause she's been really busy wif the itty-bitty, brand-new blurpy things gettin' borned at work. But they gotted to go to dinner afore Momma had to go to work. We love you Daddy!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sad Day

It's a sad day for the blogging kitties. Our new friend Silas, over at Caturday, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to be wif his brother. We only jsut met Silas about a week or so ago, but Momma's eyes were leaking. Do be sure to stop by their site and let those left behind know that we in the blogsphere are thinking of them.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


We've been tagged by the Calico Girls! So here are a few of our favs (some we use only at home)....

1. Meow-garitas- yummy!!
2. Cling-ons- similar to dingleberries.
3. Squillions- such a fun word to say!
4. Makin' biscuits- what Meeko does 'afore she goes to sleep.
5. Sticky little people- self-explanatory, and very accurate!

Most of these aren't "ours", but we really like them.
We tag Charlie and Pandora....and whoever else wants to join in!

Gotta run....the Dallas Stars are on, and we gotta help Momma cheer for them! Go Stars!!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Love/Hate- by Momma

I Love- the girls snuggling with me whenever.

I Hate- finding a "present" left in floor on the way to the the dark...half asleep...and barefoot!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

We hope effuryone had a blessed Easter! After Momma and Daddy got home from church, they had a squillion people over! (No, only 9 total-momma) We mostly hid upstairs, but Kiara did venture down a few times for skritches. But we gotted to go outside for a little while, 'til effuryone got here. They had ham andother stuff that smelled good. But...they had H-A-M! Momma gave us some in our bowls, but we haven't eaten it yet, maybe later. Once effuryone went back up to school, we came back down to snuggle wif Momma. We're glad to have her to ourselves again.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogger is wonky

Don't know if anyone else is having trouble posting, but blogger is giving us problems tonight. It might be fixed by the time anyone reads this. Only part of the previous posts are showing. It will be OK for a little while, but when we come's wonky again!! Errr. SO frustrating. Maybe Daddy broked it when he was messin' around with it earlier?

Please excuse the posts

Momma made the mistake of letting Daddy fix the blog while she was cleaning house. You can see what happened... We 'pologize if anyone gets offended. At least now we can post pictures!! Yay! Thanks Daddy! We love you....even if you like woofies better. Momma sez she won't let daddy get rid of us. She had us long before she knew him!

Jonah is cool

This is our drunk friend Jonah. He likes Rolling Rock. He scared us really bad one night because he was stomping around the house drunk and had to be put in time out. He looks like he is always have a great time though. Posted by Picasa

Our Amazing Daddy!

He is so cool, even though he likes dogs more than us. We understand that the woofies are cooler to him than we are... but we are comfortable at being #2. He said one day he is going to put us up for adoption and get two woofies in return. BTW, our mommy never should have let him fix the blog. Posted by Picasa

Mommy Likes Woofies!!!

Mommy and her best friend COOPER!!! She loves dogs!!! Posted by PicasaMomma here. That is my best friend Leslie's dog. We were playing around with the camera. Cooper is a spaz. He thinks that he's a lap dog. He's not. He also prances around and chases things with his paws like I have seen cats do. I'm a cat purrson!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Note from Momma

To my girls:

You know that I love both of you laying down with me while I nap, but there have got to be some rules!!!

#1- No intense bath-taking. This includes smacking and shaking the entire queen-sized bed.
#2- No fighting for position. It is a big bed (see above) and only the three of us are in it.
#3- No stretching out as long as possible across the bed. This only leaves me with about 2-3 inches to lay in. And that's not very conducive to sleeping well.

These rules are especially important when I have to go to work that night (like tonight). I don't get to sleep while I'm at work. But these rules should also apply during regular night-time sleeping hours.

Love, Momma

Monday, April 10, 2006

Party Girls!

We hadded sooooo much fun at the Calico Girls party!! Now we know a new dance to do to trip Momma. She was wonderin' why we were napping so much yesterday. Thanks again for havin' us, hope we didn't leave too big of a mess behind. Momma still didn't get the picture thing done yet. She never remembers about it until it's night time and she's too tired to try messing with it.

P.S.- William of Mass Destruction is back!!! Go visit him (and his family)!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


We just found out that Alicia, Momma & Daddy's friend, is going to receive a Truman Scholarship! It's a pretty big deal. Alicia will get to go to grad school now, wherever she wants. She is one of 75 people (out of 598) to were selected. She is also the 14th Cadet from the Air Force Academy since 1984 to be chosen. Go here: to read more about her and the scholarship. Yeah Auntie Alicia!!! We're so proud of you! Purrs!


Sheeesh! What's a girl gotta do to get a little privacy to use the box??? Meeko swatted me on my way in....and then JUMPED on me and started beating on me on my way out!! Momma was there and saw the whole thing. She yelled at Meeko for attacking me. Haha. ~Kiara

We gotted tuna juice again today!!! It was yummy. We're gonna try to get Momma to take us outside today, as it's furry pretty out today. Much better than yesterday was..cloudy, windy, and snowy. Yuck!

Note to Fat Eric- Momma sez that Aspen is about 3-4 hours from here, kinda near where they go skiing (in Keystone). But if she meets anyone that has your friends name, she'll say hi for you.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


A belated thanks to the Calico Girls mom for helping our momma fix some things on the blog. Momma is going try a get it finished (add pics and links) this weekend. Purrs!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kiara's Story

Kiki's Story by momma.

I had had Meeko for almost a year, and thought that she might be lonely. So, one day while I was at the pet store with a friend, I saw Kiara. She is a long haired tortie with a big fluffy tail (looks like it will flip her over when going down the stairs). She was there with an adoption/rescue agency. I brought Meeko up to meet her, and then brought her home the next day. Things didn't go so well once I got her home though. She and Meeko would fight, with Meeko being the instigator most of the time. Even now, Meeko will remind her of who is in charge around here. Kiara is a talker and very friendly. She has been known to climb into vistors laps and flop onto her back for a tummy rub. She also loves to get her drinks out of the faucet. Any time I go upstairs she races me to get to the bathroom first. She has figured out that she can also get drinks in the downstairs bath, and has gone in there with company before. The guys weren't sure what to do about that! She's a good girl and likes to snuggle some, usually in the mornigs, and especially when her daddy is here. Kiara is a daddy's girl and minds him better than me.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Momma's Home!!

Yeah!!!! Momma and Daddy are home!! Well, Momma is...Daddy and Uncle Dan are back up at school. We missed her, and acted all mad at her for awhile. but we're mostly over it now. Our niehgbor took good care of us. The only problem we had was that our litter box gotted stuck, so we didn't have any litter to dig in. (we have a litter maid self scooping box~mom). We had an "accident pile" in the corner. :-(( But momma didn't get mad at us....she felt terrible for putting too much litter in it before she left. We're happy now 'cause we have a clean box and our momma is home to snuggle with us.

She promises to work on getting pictures up in the next few days, but she works one night on, one off, then two more on, then she's off for the weekend. But she'll try.

~meeko and kiara