Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kiara's Story

Kiki's Story by momma.

I had had Meeko for almost a year, and thought that she might be lonely. So, one day while I was at the pet store with a friend, I saw Kiara. She is a long haired tortie with a big fluffy tail (looks like it will flip her over when going down the stairs). She was there with an adoption/rescue agency. I brought Meeko up to meet her, and then brought her home the next day. Things didn't go so well once I got her home though. She and Meeko would fight, with Meeko being the instigator most of the time. Even now, Meeko will remind her of who is in charge around here. Kiara is a talker and very friendly. She has been known to climb into vistors laps and flop onto her back for a tummy rub. She also loves to get her drinks out of the faucet. Any time I go upstairs she races me to get to the bathroom first. She has figured out that she can also get drinks in the downstairs bath, and has gone in there with company before. The guys weren't sure what to do about that! She's a good girl and likes to snuggle some, usually in the mornigs, and especially when her daddy is here. Kiara is a daddy's girl and minds him better than me.


one of us said...

Awwww, KiKi sounds so sweet. ~Poi Mom Jane

Patches & Mittens said...

I am the boss lady here in the cabin! I never let Mittens forget it either.