Saturday, April 22, 2006


We've been tagged by the Calico Girls! So here are a few of our favs (some we use only at home)....

1. Meow-garitas- yummy!!
2. Cling-ons- similar to dingleberries.
3. Squillions- such a fun word to say!
4. Makin' biscuits- what Meeko does 'afore she goes to sleep.
5. Sticky little people- self-explanatory, and very accurate!

Most of these aren't "ours", but we really like them.
We tag Charlie and Pandora....and whoever else wants to join in!

Gotta run....the Dallas Stars are on, and we gotta help Momma cheer for them! Go Stars!!!!!


Patches & Mittens said...

Yup squillions and gazillions....

Mittens makes biscuits every night to help mom to go to sleep. She has the claws out though and sometimes mom yells.....

Zeus said...

Definitely some good words! Squillions is growing on me like a fungus since it is so fun to say!