Saturday, April 08, 2006


Sheeesh! What's a girl gotta do to get a little privacy to use the box??? Meeko swatted me on my way in....and then JUMPED on me and started beating on me on my way out!! Momma was there and saw the whole thing. She yelled at Meeko for attacking me. Haha. ~Kiara

We gotted tuna juice again today!!! It was yummy. We're gonna try to get Momma to take us outside today, as it's furry pretty out today. Much better than yesterday was..cloudy, windy, and snowy. Yuck!

Note to Fat Eric- Momma sez that Aspen is about 3-4 hours from here, kinda near where they go skiing (in Keystone). But if she meets anyone that has your friends name, she'll say hi for you.


pandora and charlie said...

charlie has no idea about privacy for the tray....

Mama is talking about buying the new covered ones - to give me some private time in my old age


one of us said...

Oh that is SO wrong. Box time is private time ~Merlin