Friday, December 29, 2006

New Pic-tors

Here's sum new pic-tors that Momma taked today. Meeko wuz sleeping most of the day, that's why there aren't any of her.

Emmy in the snow. You can efun see sum flakes falling in the pic-shur!

This is what owr front yard looks like.

Kiara unner owr Christmas tree.

Emmy wif Mimi. Emmy wuz tryin' to get Mimi's hot chocolate! Posted by Picasa

It's here!!!!

Whohoo!!!! Owr Secret Paw pressie gotted here today!! Efun wif all of the snow owtside. Owr paw wuz Knightly. We gots all kinds of cool stuff....fev-ver balls, NIP, Temptations, and fev-ver butt mousies!!!! Those are the best! We've never seen those kind afore. Kiara is all ofur the place wif 'em. Lookie at the pic-shurs (wif the new flashy box).....

Emmy "helpin" open the box.

Checkin' owt the fev-ver balls.

All of owr goodies!!

Fanks Knightly (and fambly) fur all of owr GREAT goodies!! We're gonna haf 38 kinds of fun tonight!! Gotta go....the NIP is calling us!

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Meeko wif the mousies.

Which one to play wif??

Kiara checkin' owt the new mousie.

I'm gonna get ya!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Whoohoo!!! Daddy's home!! Yeah! AND Mimi and Uncle Brian camed wif him. Tey're gonna be here until Jan. 2nd! We're sooo 'acited to have them here. Momma maded it home OK the ofur night, she's just been busy werking. We're supposed to get more snow like we hadded last week. That snow is STILL owtside! Now we're gonna haf MORE on top of it!! We'll be sure to take pic-tors of it. We're still waiting fur the mailbean to bring our Secret Paws package....Momma sed that we didn't get mail fur 2 days and that efurrything is messed up from the blizzard and the holiday too. We'll keep y'all posted.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Pic-tors!!

Here are sum pic-tors from Christmas. We're not in them 'cause Momma's not home wif us yet. But she will be in a few hours!!! Guess that means we better get the howse cleaned up frum the party we hadded. Heehee!!
This am Gabby. She used to be an owtside poodin' till Grammie 'dopted her. She talks...alot.

This am Belle unner the Christmas tree....afore Santy Claws camed.

This am Momma and Daddy wif their niece Hannah Grace.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

We want to wish efurrycat (and their fambly) a furry Merry Christmas!!!! We hopes that y'all get lots of catnip and fev-vers. Again, anycat is welcome to come by and visit tomorrow (or tonight) while their beans are owt. Victor and Bonnie camed ofur yesterday to visit and play in the snow.

Guess what??!?! Momma sed that Santa camed early to Grammie's howse and broughted her and Daddy a new flashy box!! Whoohoo!!! Now we can post pic-shurs!! She said it am all the way nice too.

Merry Christmas Y'all!!
~Meeko, Kiara, Emmy, & Fambly

Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday news

Well the sun finally camed owt today. The metal monsters wif shovels on the front camed through and cleared *most* of the roads. (Mainly the main roads, side streets are still 'entertaining' to drive on~Momma). The Colorado Springs airport wuz open last night, and Momma wuz able to get home to Texas. She's at Grammie and Grampie's howse now. Momma gotted to see her new niece Hannah at Mimi's when she stopped to get her suitcase fom Daddy's car. He drove in his metal monster on Monday. Momma sed that Hannah is furry cute. We'll try to post sum pic-shurs after Christmas.

Anycat is welcome to stop ofur and visit wif us. The more the merrier we say. Y'all can come play in the snow!!

We didn't get owr Secret Paws pressie afore Momma lefted 'cause the mailbeans didn't come on Wednesday OR Thursday!! Momma left afore it camed on Friday. will be waiting fur us when she gets home to us.

Grammie gots sum way cool birdies at her howse.....doves, baby doves, sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds (MEANIES!!), and a pair of parakeets. and green parakeets. We they are a couple, 'acause one is really bright and the ofur isn't a colorful. Grammie isn't shur how long they's been owt there, but they kinda hang owt wif the sparrows. They all get along and the ofur birdies don't chase the parakeets off. It's kinda cute, Momma sez. We were thinkin' more along the lines of kinda tasty!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Anofur Blizzard?!?!

Yup....we gots ANOFUR BLIZZARD!!!! Momma finks this one is worse than the last one (in Oct). The airport in Denver is shut down, along wif most of the highways in the state. The wind has been blowing since 5:30 this morning, if not earlier. And it's blowing 35mph wif gusts to 50+. Momma hadded a hard time walking to her car from the building where she werks, the wind kept blowing her around! But...we are all together and snug and warm. Momma's auntie didn't get to fly in today...maybe next week she said. Momma just hopes that efurrything is cleared up so she can fly to Texas on Friday.

We will be alone on Christmas Day, but Momma will get home that night. Gemini offered for us to teleport ofur to her howse, but we might just stay here. This way all of our friends can stop in here.....without adult supervision!! Y'all can try out the new kitty fountain and the new catnip toys that Momma maded for us. We're getting used to using the fountain now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Odds and Ends

Not much new here....just gettin' ready for Christmas. Daddy lefted today fur Texas. Momma will be leaving on Friday to go too. We wanted to post sum older pic-shurs, but blogger wasn't coperating (BIG suprise there) and Momma "wasn't in the mood to mess with it." So......we just gots some 'life around here' updates.

Auntie Alicia camed ofur the ofur day...and she brought us TREATS!!! Whoohoo!! We loves Auntie Alicia. They were fishie flavor too. And then the next day, Momma boughted us owr own water fountain!!! It runs just like the sink does, but all the time! It took a little while fur us to get used to it, but now we like it. Momma sez that she'll try to gets pics of us using it.

Tomorrow night, Auntie Alicia is staying wif us, and Momma is going to take her to the airport on her way to werk on wednesday morning. Sleep ofur time!!! Then....on Wednesday night, one of Momma's aunties from Cat-i-for-nia is coming to visit us. She (auntie) has a jobbie interview out here in the Springs on thurday. So she's gonna spend a few nights here wif us. Then, on friday, Momma is flying home to Texas after werk, so she can be wif Grammie, Grampie, Mimi, Daddy, and efurryone else for Christmas.

Wow....that was a lot of news. Hopw efurryone has a great week!! Time to go snuggle wif Momma, she's got a headache tonight. AND it's furry cold and supposed to snow! BTW....Momma's car is all the way better now!

Purrs to my sweetest Victor!! ~Emmy

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good news!

Grate news!!! Momma gotted her metal monster back from the V-E-T!! She am all the way 'acited about it too. You'd fink that she won the lottery or somfing the way she's actin'. The car beans efun washed it fur her! Hope efurryone is having a good week.

We haf tried to post comments on some pages, but beta won't let us...boooo beta!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Elf names

My sweet Victor (aka Spicy Stocking Stuffer) showed me this.....~Emmy

Hopefully this will werk out better than owr vishus deer names did.

Emmy's elf name....
Dixie Sugar Butt
Kiara's elf name....
Sassy Blinking Bum
Meeko's elf name....
Minty Hot Chocolate
Momma's elf name....
Happy Tinsel Toes

And..they're off!!!

Whoo hoo!! Our secret paw pressies are in the mail!! We can't wait for them to get to our pal. We hopes they like what we gotted for them.

Momma's monster *should* be all better sometime this week!!! She can't hardly wait to get it back.

Hope efurryone had a good weekend! We gots to go help Momma wrap more Christmas pressies now.

Purrs and nose kissies to my Victor!~Emmy

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Momma wented hunting tonight and camed back wif our Secret Paw pressies!! Whoohoo!!! She's gonna *TRY* to get them to the mailman bean in the next few days!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vishus Rain Deer

Meeko is...


Sorry that it's fur-efur since we last posted!! Fings haf been crazy around here lately.

Ferst...the accident. Momma's monster is at the V-E-T gettin' all better. It's gonna be 3 squillon dollars to fix it!! Can y'all alieve it?!?! The ofur beans in-sur-ants is paying though. AND it's gonna be fur-efur for it to be all better. About 2-3 weeks~Momma.

Next.....we gots a TREE in the HOWSE!!! A real live fake tree wif an angel on top. How crazy is that??? It am furry pretty though. Momma didded good decorating it wif lots of shiny and sparkly fings. We like sleeping unner it. But Momma sez when Santy Claws comes there won't be room unner there fur us! That's not furry fair.

And then....we sented Momma shopping for our Secret Paws pressies!! Heehee! We can't hardly wait fur it to go to the mail place. Momma gots to box it up ferst she said. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be in the mail!!! We're not saying who we gots...but they do gots FUR!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It's furry cold and snowy here!!

This morning started out like any ofur morning: Momma gotted up early, gotted in the metal monster, and lefted fur werk. But then she camed back not too long after that. She wuz sitting at a stop light when, BANG, somebean turning the corner slid her metal monster into Momma's big metal monster!!! Efurryone wuz ok, but owr monsters' wheel is broken. She could barely drive it home (I was about a half mile from home~Momma). So now, Momma is waiting on the monster V-E-T to call her back about when to bring it in. But fur now....Momma is home wif us ALL DAY! Whoo hoo!

Sorry that we didn't post all weekend...Daddy wuz hogging the 'puter playing sum Crafting War game.Hope efurryone hadded a good weekend. Moom awuz proud of herself fur going skiing TWICE this weekend and not getting hurty at all!!

Accident update, 6 pm: Good news!! The ofur monsters drivers' insurance is paying to fix owr monster!! Owr's is already at the V-E-T, but they haven't looked at it yet. They will tomorrow. They efen gotted Momma a rental monster to drive. Momma sez it's way cool. We just thank God that nobean wuz hurted. God is GOOD!! Stay warm efurryone!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!! Hope efurryone is having a great day and gets to eat LOTS of turkey!!

~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

They're heeerrrree!!

Whoo hoo!!! Grammie and Grampie are here...wif us!!! Yea! Scritches from Grammie are the bestest!! We probably won't be posting the rest of the week. We hope all of y'all have a great Thanksgiving!
::Purrs and headbumps::
~Meeko, Kiara, Emmy and the rest of the fambly

Purrs to my sweet!~E

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hi efurrycat!! Momma sez fanks for the kind werds about her bad day. Friday wuz a *little bit* better fur her. No yelling....just crazy busy. She gotted home efun later than the night before. She said somfing 'bout 7 1/2 hours of ovurtime in 2 days, just before she crashed into bed. Her ribs are all healed up after falling, and she wented skiing again today. She didn't fall, said that she did really well, but when they were leaving, her hand gotted shut in the big back door of her friends BIG metal monster!!! OWIE!!! We might not let her go skiing least not wifout Daddy there to look out for her (he hadded training all weekend). She's gonna take pic-shurs of it tomorrow at werk wif the bone camera. Then one of the doctor beans will look at it and tell if it's ok or not. We'll let y'all know.

One of Momma's werk friends hadded to help his woofie to the Bridge the ofur day. The poor woofie hadded cancer and wuz really sick. But we, and his owner, know that the woofie isn't in any pain any more and is having fun playing wif all the ofur woofies at the Bridge.

Grammie and Grampie will be here in 2 days!! Whoo hoo!!!

Hope efurrycat has a great week!

Update- Monday 7:40 pm- Momma's hand is OK!!! Nothin' is broked just badly bruised. SHe wuz furry lucky. She only hadded on thin little mittens too. So, there's a little scratch on the back of her hand, some swelling and a bruise on her palm. But, it's still plenty sore. Our flashy box is ded, so we can't post any pic-shurs of it. Momma furgoted to bring the pic-shur from the bone camera home wif her. Maybe tomorrow?

Purrs and kisses to my sweetest Victor!~Emmy

Thursday, November 16, 2006

BAD Day!!!

Poor Momma.....she hadded a purrty bad day at werk today. She didn't get home 'til WAY after dark, and when she did get home, she wuz still wearing her werk pajamas! She wuz sooo tired that she didn't efun change clothes. She sed that she and her nurse gotted yelled at by a doctor bean today , a couple of times. He wuzn't furry nice at all she sed. That was ferst thing this morning...just after the sun came up!! Then efurrything just wented downhill from there the rest of the day. She wuz furry happy to get home to us (and have sum liquid human nip). Momma's got the heaty blankie turned on and is ready to go to bed and forget about the day. Time to go snuggle wif her. Hopefully her day will be better tomorrow....'cause after all, tomorrow is another day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weekend update

Here are sum pic-shurs from our weekend....
Emmy being Miss Priss.

Falcon....The Air Force Academy Mascot.
They fly during halftime at efurry home game.

Momma and Daddy at the tailgate before the Air Force-Notre Dame game.

Air Force surprise there.

We hadded a great time wif Grampie here. They all hadded fun at the game too. Momma sez that Grammie and Grampie are gonna be back here next week!!! Yea!! We can't wait. Momma is gonna be cookin' a tur-kee. Sounds yummy!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Kiara here. Y'all will never a'lieve what happened this morning!! All 3 of us were in bed wif the SAME time!! Wif NO hissing or fussing!! I fink it wuz a miracle. Momma sez she needs anoffur hand to pet us wif, so we can each haf our own hand. Maybe Santa Claws can bring her one fur Christmas?

Grampie gotted here OK yesterday. Grammie didn't come this time....we miss her. Love you Grammie! She and Grampie are coming back out fur Thanksgiving! Grammie gives the best scritches!! (Don't tell Momma we said that). Momma is all a'citied about the game today. It's gonna be chilly there though....right now it's 24 degrees outside. Momma just gived the squirrellys some more peanuts to eat and bury in her flowers.

Momma here. The claw caps (Soft Paws) are little soft plastics covers that go over each claw. You first trim the claw, then apply what *smells* like nail glue, then slide the cap over the claw while pushing on the paw pad to extend the claw. Kiara still doesn't have hers on. Emmy has managed to pull three off, and Meeko has pulled off one. Not bad for 2 weeks, I think. The package says that they will last for 4-6 weeks. I don't think that I put enough glue on them. The girls seem to be OK with them. They still use the scratching posts as usual. You can buy the colored ones online at PetSmart or Petco. THey only have the clear ones in the store. With the clear, it's hard to tell if the cap is still on or not. As for the football game today....I grew up cheering for the Irish, but...we're an Air Force family now (or so I've been told!) So....I'm gonna cheer for both teams and be happy either way!

Hope efurryone has a great weekend!!

Go Air Force!! Go Irish!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here's Emmy's (belated) Tummy Tuesday pict-shur. She's sittin' on Momma watchin' the Longhorns play.

This am Momma and Daddy (they're in the middle) wif Jonah, Scott, Jon, and Auntie Alicia last year when they were skiing in Keystone. On the right side of the pict-shur, in the way back, you can see Breckenridge Ski Resort. Momma is feeling LOTS better now, but still a little sore. Fanks efurryone fur your prayers and kind werds. She sez that she can't wait to go again....and hopefully not crash this time!

We gots to run now....Momma is getting ready to use the carpet monster and we gots to go hide. She's clening the howse 'cause Grampie (her daddy) is coming to visit us!! He'll be here on Friday. They're going to watch Notre Dame play Air Force on Saturday. Momma am all the way 'acitied bout that!! We're not sure who to cheer for!?! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 05, 2006


We is soooo sad that we missed the party at Smeagol and Strider'sthis weekend. We knew when it wuz, but the 'puter wuzn't turned on. Momma wented skiing, Daddy didn't 'cause his ankle is all hurty, and she didn't turn the 'puter on afore she lefted. Momma hadded fun , but she felled down REALLY hard and did a "face plant" and split her lip open and maked it bleed. She also finks that she re-sep-a-rated one of her ribs. Today, she sez she feels like she wuz hit by a truck! Poor Momma!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Go Air Force, Beat Army!!!

9:30 pm- We winned 43-7!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


OMG!!! Momma capped us!! She putted caps ofur our claws!! Can y'all 'alieve it??!! The horror!! Well...she gotted them on Me (Meeko) and Emmy. Kiara mangaed to get out of it somehow. Momma sez that Kiara will be getting hers this weekend. Heh.

I wasn't about to let Momma get a hold of me...I heard the noise that you two were making! Efun having Daddy hold me didn't help. She only gotted one paw clipped. Heehee. ~Kiara

Really's not that bad. Besides, now you can't scratch each other (or me). Next time we'll get the purple ones. I promise. Besides, you got plenty of treats for your troubles. I didn't get Kiara's on, because I didn't want to get shredded by 13 lbs of ticked off Kiki. The caps went on pretty easily, once I had everything under control. I wouldn't try doing it alone though....too hard to hold the cat, paws, and caps without getting glue everywhere. I'll let y'all know how they work.

Emmy here. Well Momma broked the flashy box. She's trying to figure it out now. New batteries didn't help. Sooooo....I fink that means there won't be any pic-shures any time soon. Sorry to disappoint y'all!

Note 8:45 pm- The flashy box is o-fish-ally D-E-D. Maybe Santa Claws will come early and bring us a new one?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Snow pic-shures!!

Emmy in the snow.
Kiara in the snow.
The street in front of the howse.

Momma's "beer garden"...she and Daddy hadded a party, and used the snow for a cooler!

Sorry that the werds are all messed up and not by the pic-shures....blogger was stoopid (again) and Momma isn't used to posting wif Picasa.

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More Snow Pic-shurs

This is our backyard. And yes, the snow is halfway up the fence.

12 inches of snow!!

Our front door before Momma and Auntie Laura "shoveled" it wif the sled. (that's Momma)
The front patio between our howse and Auntie Laura's. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yup...there's a blizzard outside!!! And Momma and Auntie Laura taked us out in it!!! AND they taked pic-shures of us! They'll get posted later. What Momma? Oh... she sez it wasn't really bad on the porch where we were. But we did have four foot drifts there. And Momma couldn't get in the door when she gotted home from werk. Yes, she hadded to go in for sum beans surgeries, but they all gotted to go home earlt. Well, we gots to go snuggle now!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Double Shot

It's a tortie tummie!!

Note: the batteries on the flashy box are we's don't have any Emmy tummy pict0ures (sorry Victor). Momma will fix that soon!
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Tummie Tesday

Here's Meeko's tum-tum!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006


Emmy here- Tonight ...when Momma gotted home from werk, she wuz pettin' me and scritchin' my ears. Well, she felt somfin' funny on my hed. She looked....and it wuz a CLAW SHEATH!!! STUCK IN MY HED!!! She tooked it out fur me (it kinda hurted a little) an gave me kissies on it to make it all better. But, it wuz!!!! Not all!!

Note: Momma just noticed 2 scratches on my nose and one on Meeko's. Now Momma is mumbling somfing 'bout claw caps fur all of us when she gets paid?!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

Dang it!! The Dread Pirate Blogger stikes again!! We wanted to post pics for Tummy/Tortie Tuesday..but it won't let us. Stoopid blogger!! Plus our blogrolling hasn't been werking right eifur! Gggrrr! Momma has been saying sum bad werds at the 'puter.

Anywho, sorry we haven't been around as often as is the past. Momma has been pretty busy and not able to help us blog. She sez that she feels bad about it too (as well she should!). We have been keeping up with efurrycat though. We hadded a nice visit wif Victor and Bonnie this weekend in Whisckerconsin. We saw all of the purrty leaves on the trees, birdies, squirrels, ate temptations, and snuggled. It was 24 kinds of fun!

Emmy is settleing in well. There is still plenty of hissing and fighting going on. Meeko is efun sporting a scratched nose! We're not saying who gave it to her....Momma isn't furry happy 'bout that!

It's SNOWING here again!! It started this afternoon, and it's still falling! There's got to be about a squillion inches on the ground!! (Only about 6 inches- momma) Momma gotted out her heaty blankey and flannel sheets for her bed.....guess we know where we're all gonna be sleeping! We would get pictures of the snow, but Daddy has the flashy box wif him at school. Now Momma is muttering somfing 'bout waxing her skis, digging out the gloves, going to the mountains, hitting the powder...not shur what that's all about??

Check out this site! Sum nice bean putted Momma's 9/11 tribute up on this site! How cool is that?!?! Momma is way proud of it! The entire site is furry cool.

Time to go snuggle wif Momma now! Anycat that wants to come see the snow is welcome to come visit!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


What the h*ll!! It snowed this morning!!!! What's up wif that? We didn't get alot....just a dusting on the grass. The wever guy sed that C. Springs gotted about an inch. Guess it's time fur us to start growing out our thick winter coats.

I'm shur glad that I don't live outside anymore....efen if the ofur two still fight wif me and get all hissy. ~Emmy

We might go visit our friend Victor ( and Bonnie) in Whiskerconsin tomorrow or thursday. We want to get up there before all of the pretty leaves fall off of the trees.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We lost.

Well.....we losted. :-( But, they sed that it wuz a purrty good game. Now Momma is looking forward to the Air Force- Notre Dame game (Grampie is coming out fur that game). Momma wuz happy that Notre Dame won. Daddy wuz happy that Texas beated OU. Yes....we like our football in this house!!

We hadded a good visit wif Victor. Momma lefted the blinds open so we good lay in the sunspots. And we watched the birdies. We're gonna go visit his house sometime this week. We can't wait.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Good mornin' y'all!!

We shur haded fun at Luna's party last night....we gotted there a little late though. We're furry glad that she's home now. Victor is coming ofur today to hang out wif us. Momma is going to be at the Air Force/ Navy game, so she won't mind. And were gonna go see him some time this week, and see all of the purrty fall leaves. Hope wfurryone has a great weekend!!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We (and Momma) just wanted to say fanks to efurrycat for the kind werds of encouragement. It means alot to us. We were hesitant 'cause we didn't want anycat to feel that we were bragging 'bout Momma. We kinda were...but y'all know what we mean. The new jobbie is going well. Momma is just trying to get the 'lay of the land' as it were. She already knows some of the dok-tors she's werking wif. She's just really sleepy...she's not used to getting up that early in the morning anymore (she has to be there at 7 am). Hope efurrycat is having a good week! Time to go watch the Stars play hockey wif Momma!! (, Momma's not playin' hockey...just watchin' it. We can see how you would fink that. Heehee)

Monday, October 02, 2006


Hi y'all. Just wanted to post reel quick. Momma wuz furry busy at her old werk the past few nights.....she werked 5 straight nights! 12 hours each night!!! We finks that means LOTS of treatsies for us!! Momma started her new jobbie today. She liked it, and she will be werking during the day now and not at night. Also...the new place is only 10 minutes from the howse, not 45 like the ofur. We haven't sed too much 'bout this, a'cause of ofur's not-so-good jobbie situations. We're keepin' them in our prayers though. TTFN...hopefully we'll have more later in the week.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Momma added a little info about Emmy......and now all of our links are missing! What the heck happened?!?! Momma sez that she'll try to fix it while she's at werk. If anycat has any ideas...let us know!!

Update:: rolling hadded the hiccups we fink. It am all fixeded now. Fanks for the info y'all!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Emmy here again....

My playdate wif Victor wuz fun! We layed in the sunspots, played wif fev-vers, watched the squirells and birdies, ate temp-tey-shuns, and did a little snuggling. We're not a "couple" yet..he's not quite sure what he wants to do. Momma sez that that's not too un-usual for boys . We did have a good time hanging out though....don't get me wrong. He's a great friend to have. Hopefully he'll come hang out some more.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Luna is HOME!!!! Woo hoo!! Go to her blog for the details.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Emmy here....

My friend Victor Tabbycat is coming to visit me today!! Yes...ME!!! Well, Meeko and Kiara will be here too. His momma is werkin' lots, so he decided to come here. I'm sooooooo a'cited!! I hadded a great time visitin' wif him at Charlie's party. I know he wuz hopin' to lay on the stairs in the sun, but I fink the weather is gonna be icky out. Cloudy, rainy, and chilly. will be perfect for snugglin'. Momma will be here for a little while, sleepin', a'fore she has to go back to werk tonight. But...she sed that she'd put out extra water, stinky goodness, nip, fev-vers, and ofur toys. And, she'll leave the blinds open in case the sun decides to come out, so we can lay in the sunbeams. We can watch the birdies and squirrels too!

Yea!! I can't wait!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We scareded Mommma today!!! It wuz soooo funny! She wuz takin' a shower, and had the door mostly closed but not latched. Well, we were playin, and somecat ran into the door and pushed it ALL the way open. That's what scared Momma....she knew that noone else wuz in the house, but the door flew open. That'll teach her to not latch the door. Heehee....that wuz great.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Here is Emmy sunning herself.

Kiara watchin' the birdies and squirrel's....while being where she shouldn't be!

Emmy posin' for Momma.

Efurrycat eating *peacefully*.
One of the few minutes of peace in the house! ~Momma

Meeko takin' a nappy on the couch.