Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hi efurrycat!! Momma sez fanks for the kind werds about her bad day. Friday wuz a *little bit* better fur her. No yelling....just crazy busy. She gotted home efun later than the night before. She said somfing 'bout 7 1/2 hours of ovurtime in 2 days, just before she crashed into bed. Her ribs are all healed up after falling, and she wented skiing again today. She didn't fall, said that she did really well, but when they were leaving, her hand gotted shut in the big back door of her friends BIG metal monster!!! OWIE!!! We might not let her go skiing least not wifout Daddy there to look out for her (he hadded training all weekend). She's gonna take pic-shurs of it tomorrow at werk wif the bone camera. Then one of the doctor beans will look at it and tell if it's ok or not. We'll let y'all know.

One of Momma's werk friends hadded to help his woofie to the Bridge the ofur day. The poor woofie hadded cancer and wuz really sick. But we, and his owner, know that the woofie isn't in any pain any more and is having fun playing wif all the ofur woofies at the Bridge.

Grammie and Grampie will be here in 2 days!! Whoo hoo!!!

Hope efurrycat has a great week!

Update- Monday 7:40 pm- Momma's hand is OK!!! Nothin' is broked just badly bruised. SHe wuz furry lucky. She only hadded on thin little mittens too. So, there's a little scratch on the back of her hand, some swelling and a bruise on her palm. But, it's still plenty sore. Our flashy box is ded, so we can't post any pic-shurs of it. Momma furgoted to bring the pic-shur from the bone camera home wif her. Maybe tomorrow?

Purrs and kisses to my sweetest Victor!~Emmy


The Meezers said...

oh no, your poor momma! we hopes her bones are all ok!

Gemini said...

Are you going to post the pictures of her hand? We hopes it gets better fast.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Owwie! If that hand's no good, she'll haf only one left to pet all three of you! That's just WRONG.
Mom got her hand shut in a big metal monster door once, but she was wearin ski gloves an it just bounced off wif a bruise. Scared her good, tho.
Purrs an nose kisses, Sweet Emmy!

Eric and Flynn said...

We's glad yer mum's hand's not broked an hope the owie goes away soon.She needs to keerfull wiv that skeeing cuz she's got to amember if'n she's hurted, how will she feed yoo.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, I's glad yur Mom's hand's okay. I fink it needs fur an purr therapy. Pettin a kitty is the bestest way to make it better.
Emmy, efun if I'm a calendar star, you're still my sweety. Purrs and nose kisses!

The Meezers said...

we is so glad that your mommas hand is ok. that's furry good news. you has to give her lots of hand kissies to help it heal! - Miles

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're glad ta hear she's okay! those metal monsters is vishus!