Saturday, November 11, 2006


Kiara here. Y'all will never a'lieve what happened this morning!! All 3 of us were in bed wif the SAME time!! Wif NO hissing or fussing!! I fink it wuz a miracle. Momma sez she needs anoffur hand to pet us wif, so we can each haf our own hand. Maybe Santa Claws can bring her one fur Christmas?

Grampie gotted here OK yesterday. Grammie didn't come this time....we miss her. Love you Grammie! She and Grampie are coming back out fur Thanksgiving! Grammie gives the best scritches!! (Don't tell Momma we said that). Momma is all a'citied about the game today. It's gonna be chilly there though....right now it's 24 degrees outside. Momma just gived the squirrellys some more peanuts to eat and bury in her flowers.

Momma here. The claw caps (Soft Paws) are little soft plastics covers that go over each claw. You first trim the claw, then apply what *smells* like nail glue, then slide the cap over the claw while pushing on the paw pad to extend the claw. Kiara still doesn't have hers on. Emmy has managed to pull three off, and Meeko has pulled off one. Not bad for 2 weeks, I think. The package says that they will last for 4-6 weeks. I don't think that I put enough glue on them. The girls seem to be OK with them. They still use the scratching posts as usual. You can buy the colored ones online at PetSmart or Petco. THey only have the clear ones in the store. With the clear, it's hard to tell if the cap is still on or not. As for the football game today....I grew up cheering for the Irish, but...we're an Air Force family now (or so I've been told!) So....I'm gonna cheer for both teams and be happy either way!

Hope efurryone has a great weekend!!

Go Air Force!! Go Irish!!


Gattina said...

After a terrible battle with my four cats, you can find me in the hospital ! No, that's not true, but it would be if I only tried to put such caps on lol ! Usually they are very peaceful and don't scratch, but touching their claws ?? I tried once to cut a little nail off and suddenly found myself in front a hissing, growling tiger ! My sweet cat doing this to me ! But anyway they can go outside and do their pedicure on a tree.
I subsribed to the cat carnival, but I guess nobody played, anyway I found that it's not well organized. Never will do this again ! Did both of you participate ?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we've all 3 been on the bed at once, but not wif a purrson in it. when the people are in the beds, we divide up an make the rounds. we're furry glad yur all gettin' along so well.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Weeeelll....we're still not gettin' all!!! There are a few fights efurry night. We didn't fight 'cause we didn't know the ofurs were there! Plus, if'n we fight on momma, we ALL get tossed out of bed.
~M,K,& E

one of us said...

We refuse to wear claw caps Mom so don't even think about. If Sant comes with that extra had for your Mom, let us know. We need one here too ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

Victor Tabbycat said...

Bonnie an I haf shared the boy's bed THREE times now, but not wif any bean in it. Right now, I sleep on Mom's feet efurry night an Bonnie sumtimes sleeps unner the bed (on Dad's side) or wif the boy. Efun if they had Soft Paws when Bonnie was a demon-kitten, Mom couldn't haf gotten them on her wifout a trip to the bean vet. I'm more careful an we nefur hurt eachofur when we fight, which is daily.
Purrs, Emmy!