Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hi y'all! We're sorry that we have been blogging or commenting's just too darn hot up in the room where the 'puter is. We have been keeping up wif efurryone though.

We love all the songs that efurryone is doing....we're not quite that creative. And neither is Momma. We asked for her help and she said "that she wuz in band for a reason". Whatever that means?!? Momma sed that she gotted Zeus's "We Didn't Start the Fire" remake stuck in her head at werk the ofur night. Heehee!!

We were gonna post some pictures today, but Picasa ate the ones on the flashy box. (Momma's note- I downloaded them, now can't find where they went!) Oh, well....maybe later. They were good pictures too! Momma and Daddy wented to the zoo yesterday and took the box wif them. We wanted to show y'all what they our birdies on the back patio!!

Hope efurrycat is staying cool!!!

P.S.- Momma has a job interview on Tues.---good kitty vibes appreciated!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Secret Paws

Momma wented hunting and gotted our Secret Paws pressie. Then...she wented to the mailing place and sent it off. We can't wait 'till our pal gets it!!! It's too HOT here. it winter time yet??? No? Well, then when??? We're ready for snow!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Blogs

First...we hadded a BLAST at Pandora's party last night!! We gotted to see alot of our friends too. We're still trying to recover from both the jet-lag and the meow-garitas! Heehee!

Now we've been informed about some new (and not-so-new) bloggers. There is Big Eric & Flynn. They are British poodin's like Fat Eric and Pandora and Charlie. Also, we have Daisy Mae Maus. She's been blogging for a little while, but doesn't think anycat is reading it. Her comments are on they aren't showing up and she's getting a little dis-cour-aged. So y'all make sure to stop by and say hi to them!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Day!!!

Oh, happy day!!!! Momma's HOME!!!!! We are all the way 'acited! Wegot all of our mad out wif Daddy so we can just snuggle wif Momma and not be hissy. Meeko wuz still hissing at Daddy afore he wented to go pick up Momma from the air-port. We gots to go snuggle some's almost time to go to sleep.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


These am the poodin's that Momma is staying wif. Plus, Miss Kitty lives ofur at Mimi's house. She's all white and lives outside. Daddy gotted home last night. Yea! But, we acted all mad at him today. Meeko even hid under the bed and hissed at him. He wuz a little worried...until Momma tolded him that that's what we do after the beans lefted us alone for 2 whole weeks!!! We weren't happy!!! But tomorrow we're gonna go visit wif Gemini! We can't wait! We're gonna have tuna fish and we're bringing some of our feather toys. And then...the next day....Momma will be home!!!!! Woohoo!! Momma snuggles!!!
This am Belle. She talks too...but not as much as Gabby or Kiara. Her two favorite toys are in the picture too. Her stick and her tissue paper. She carries her stick thru the house and cries. It's pretty funny Momma sez. She beats up, I mean... plays wif, Gabby the same way I do wif Kiara! We MUST be related. Posted by Picasa
This am Gabby. She's almost louder than Kiara!! They'll have a lot to talk about next summer when we come wif Momma to stay wif Grammie and Grampie. Gabby wuz an outside poodin' afore she camed to live wif Grammie after Shadow went to the Bridge. BTW...she just hadded her 'surgery' in this picture. That's why she's missin' some fur on her leg and her tummy.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well....Momma and Daddy are still on vacation. But Daddy will be back on Friday. He has to come back and teach all the new cadets how to climb ofur ob-stick-alls. We miss them, but we've been havin' fun alone. Sanjee camed ofur an visited for a little while. We hadded lots of fun!! Anycat else is welcome to come ofur too! We gots plenty of food, water, and lots of toys!!

Momma wuz going to post pictures of the poodins' that's she stayin' wif...but couldn't find them on Grammie's 'puter. Maybe later?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Zeus wuz Here!!!

Yea! Zeus came yesterday to visit us!!! We hadded soooo much fun! About 57 kinds of fun! You can read all about it here.

We need y'all to keep Ms. Kerri (who's takin' care of us) in your thoughts and prayers. One of her poodins', Sam, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. He'd been sick, so it wuz expected, but still sad. We're gonna try to comfort her the best we can. And....she has the flu. Poor thing.

Hope efurryone hadded a good 4th. Momma said that she did. She wented a saw the firewerks wif Daddy, Grammie, Mimi, Uncle Brian, and all their friends from church back home.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July Y'all

Happy 4th efurryone!!! We hopes that efurryone is safe, and gets to watch the firewerks where they live.

Zeus is coming today!!!!! We are all the way 'acited 'bout it. We're not quite sure what all we're gonna be doin', but we're sure we'll have fun!

We wanted to put some fun, patriotic pictures up....but Momma posted for us from werk and couldn't do that. :-(

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Where to start??

First, fanks for the good vibes for Grampie's tummy. He did good and they took a by-op-see of somefing and the dr. is gonna compare it to one they took a long time ago. Grampie is in Wisker-consin right now. Momma, Daddy and Grammie are gonna go up there on Thurs. All of Momma's bean aunties and uncles and cousins are gonna be there too!!! Momma am all the way excitied 'bout that! Ms. Kerri from across the street is gonna take care of us. She has 2 poodins too! So, anycat that wants to come hang out is welcome. Smeagol and Strider are already here hanging out and hiding from the ghosties that are at their house.

No Name Yet has a name!!!! It's Millie. And us poodins helped raise enough money to pay for her new hip!! Yea!