Sunday, July 02, 2006


Where to start??

First, fanks for the good vibes for Grampie's tummy. He did good and they took a by-op-see of somefing and the dr. is gonna compare it to one they took a long time ago. Grampie is in Wisker-consin right now. Momma, Daddy and Grammie are gonna go up there on Thurs. All of Momma's bean aunties and uncles and cousins are gonna be there too!!! Momma am all the way excitied 'bout that! Ms. Kerri from across the street is gonna take care of us. She has 2 poodins too! So, anycat that wants to come hang out is welcome. Smeagol and Strider are already here hanging out and hiding from the ghosties that are at their house.

No Name Yet has a name!!!! It's Millie. And us poodins helped raise enough money to pay for her new hip!! Yea!


Hot(M)BC said...

I'll bring nip and russianless white Russians too. Party without the beans! *giggles*

~~ Boni

Gemini said...

Perhaps I will drop by so that we can all party. I'm getting to be a good traveler!

Ayla said...

I hope your Grampie gets better soon. And if you have a party I'll bring some nip as well. I've got a good stash here that I'm willing to share with some close friends.

Zeus said...

That is such great news about your human pet's daddy. Hopefully, all of the tests will come back with nothing but good news. Also, perhaps this will cheer you up as well: I'm coming to visit you tomorrow for the 4th of July!!!!

Don't you think that is so appropriate?!

Lone Star Purrs said...

YEA!!! Zeus is coming to visit!!!
We am way 'acitied. All cats are welcome to come....don't know that we have a specific "party" time set...just come and go. Momma sez that it 's OK.