Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long Time No Post

Hi y'all! Sorry that we haf been so horribull 'bout blogging. Momma takes full blame fur it. She has been furry busy. We got pic-shurs to prove it!! In fact, we might take an "o-fish-ul" break frum blogging. We'll still keep up wif efurryone...but just not post much. Not that that's any different than what we are doing now. Anywho...we don't get many bisitors anymore (could be cuz we don't comment often), but that's not the reason for the break.

Love and purrs,
~Meeko and Kiara

pee ess....enjoy our latest slide show!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007



Tonight we hadded an introodr. It wuz in OWR garadj. Momma wuz watchin' football when she heered a thump and a mean growl! It kinda scareded her. Daddy sed that it wuz just us fightin', but Momma knew better...she sed there's SOMETHING owt there!!! So they camed to see what the fuss wuz about and saw this owtside. It's a boy kitty! Momma wented owtside to see it later and saw that he still hadded his "bejangles" (Daddy's term for them). We tolded him (the kitty, not Daddy) that we didn't want no stinky boy kitty sniffin' 'round OWR howse and that he better GO AWAY if he knew what wuz good for him!!
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