Monday, December 18, 2006

Odds and Ends

Not much new here....just gettin' ready for Christmas. Daddy lefted today fur Texas. Momma will be leaving on Friday to go too. We wanted to post sum older pic-shurs, but blogger wasn't coperating (BIG suprise there) and Momma "wasn't in the mood to mess with it." So......we just gots some 'life around here' updates.

Auntie Alicia camed ofur the ofur day...and she brought us TREATS!!! Whoohoo!! We loves Auntie Alicia. They were fishie flavor too. And then the next day, Momma boughted us owr own water fountain!!! It runs just like the sink does, but all the time! It took a little while fur us to get used to it, but now we like it. Momma sez that she'll try to gets pics of us using it.

Tomorrow night, Auntie Alicia is staying wif us, and Momma is going to take her to the airport on her way to werk on wednesday morning. Sleep ofur time!!! Then....on Wednesday night, one of Momma's aunties from Cat-i-for-nia is coming to visit us. She (auntie) has a jobbie interview out here in the Springs on thurday. So she's gonna spend a few nights here wif us. Then, on friday, Momma is flying home to Texas after werk, so she can be wif Grammie, Grampie, Mimi, Daddy, and efurryone else for Christmas.

Wow....that was a lot of news. Hopw efurryone has a great week!! Time to go snuggle wif Momma, she's got a headache tonight. AND it's furry cold and supposed to snow! BTW....Momma's car is all the way better now!

Purrs to my sweetest Victor!! ~Emmy


Anonymous said...

Your secret paws package is on it's way to your house!!! I hope that it gets to you all before your Mom leaves for Texas and my Mom says it should. Make sure that your Mom checks the mailbox on Thursday and Friday!!

Your Secret Paw

Gemini said...

Oh we hopes you aren't all alone on christmas! You can teleport here if you wants.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

pssst: my silly brother Cocoa's still scared of the water fountain, an we've had it fur months.

DEBRA said...

We's hope yu aren't having too bad of a storm. We saw where it was snowin real bad in your area. Just checkin in to make sures yu is OK?