Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sorry that it's fur-efur since we last posted!! Fings haf been crazy around here lately.

Ferst...the accident. Momma's monster is at the V-E-T gettin' all better. It's gonna be 3 squillon dollars to fix it!! Can y'all alieve it?!?! The ofur beans in-sur-ants is paying though. AND it's gonna be fur-efur for it to be all better. About 2-3 weeks~Momma.

Next.....we gots a TREE in the HOWSE!!! A real live fake tree wif an angel on top. How crazy is that??? It am furry pretty though. Momma didded good decorating it wif lots of shiny and sparkly fings. We like sleeping unner it. But Momma sez when Santy Claws comes there won't be room unner there fur us! That's not furry fair.

And then....we sented Momma shopping for our Secret Paws pressies!! Heehee! We can't hardly wait fur it to go to the mail place. Momma gots to box it up ferst she said. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be in the mail!!! We're not saying who we gots...but they do gots FUR!!!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi sweet Emmy! Tell yur mom that my mom was in an axident back in '90 an it was a monf afore she got her car back frum the V-E-T. It wasn't her fault, but she had to pay the a-duck-table(?) an wait 2 years fur the insurance companies cuz the axident went to court (not Mom, she was car 4; car 2 sued car 1). That's when they finly settled outside court an she got back the a-duck-table.

I's glad I don't drive. Purrs an nose kisses, Emmy, an ankle rubs to yur mom an dad.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hey, we gots fur! is it us?

Anonymous said...

"real live fake tree" - heehee...

Sorry about your accident - but glad you are okay!!