Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Bof Momma and Grammie wanted to say fanks fur all the kind purfday wishes!! We want to fank efurrycat that camed by to bisit while Momma and Daddy wuz gone! We hadded lots of fun...and thay didn't efun know about it! Although, somecat hadded too many niptini's and lefted a "pressie" on the upstairs landing. We're not naming any names to protect the innocent.

It's snowing here....again. We're only s'posed to goet 2-5" this time. We still gots about a foot owt back and a couple of inches owt front. Daddy sez that maybe more beer will grow in the garden?? We's not too shur 'bout that one.

G'night efurryone!!


Justin said...

Hi, do check this post on hilary swank and her pets

Gemini said...

Oh we haven't been by for awhile and we missed your Grammie's purrfday. Happy Belated Purrfday to her too!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Happy purrfday to alla beans I missed. It's nice that yur mom gets to bisit Texas to see her fambly. Emmy, I had such a good time last weekend! An it was lots warmer there than at my howse.

This is gonna be a really cold weekend, like maybe the coldest in a squillion (10) years! Any suggestions for keepin warm? ::grin:: Purrs an nose kisses to my sweetest Emmy,

The Meezers said...

we gotted snow too. mommy broughted some in and putted my paws in it and i ran. - Miles