Sunday, March 30, 2008

A'citing news!!!

We's got sum a'citing news!!! Auntie Alicia gotted engaged!!! WHOOHOOOOO!!!!!! It happened last week, but Momma's just NOW helpin' us post about it. Sorry!~Momma And...Momma is going to be Matron-of-Honor! Her eyes gotted all leaky when Auntie Alicia asked her. That's the two of them at Momma's bachelorette party. Momma's on the right. This ofur one is Daddy, Momma, Auntie Alicia, and Jon (her fiance). The guys and Auntie Alicia all wented to the Air Force Academy together.

In ofur news...we's gonna be bisiting wif Grammie and Grampie fur a whole week coming up. Momma and Daddy are going on a cruise (wifowt us!) and we get to stay wif Grammie. We're going there 'cause Ms. Sandy, who used to feed us, moved to Germany.

In more ofur news....we fink that the "M" werd is going to be implemented furry soon. Momma's bringing in sum boxes and talking about "movers", "loading the truck", and "inspections". We'll keep y'all posted, but it doesn't sound good at all.

Hope y'all haf a grate week!!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Congratulations to your Aunt!

Lone Star Purrs said...

Fanks!! Tec-nik-lee, she's not owr Aunt. We just call her that a'cause she's like a sister to Momma (who's an only child.)

meemsnyc said...

Congratulations to your Auntie!

Eric and Flynn said...

Concatyoolayshuns to your tec-nik-lee Aunt. You told us you got mousies eating your crunchies. Well, if you don't want to catch them yourselves we could teleport over. Otherwise mum sez put down mousetraps where you know they are running. Don't use cheese though, use chocolate cuz mousies prefer that. We've had them in our roof space before where we can't get at them. Mum sez chocolate works nearly every time.