Sunday, June 11, 2006

Torch Update

Momma here.
Just wanted to let everycat know that the girls went to bed early, so that they can get an early start to Mattingly's house. Scrappy left after having a big dinner of stinky goodness. I sent her with a bag of crunchies, too, for a snack. They all had a good time playing with the new mousies. I think the girls are planning on stopping by to see Auntie Alicia in D.C. along the way. Their packs are packed with crunchies, treats, cell phone, and water. They also put on their collars with their tags, just in case. I don't think they'll blog before they leave, but I will be updating for them as I hear from them.

In other news, the "intruder" cat actually lives two doors up. It is mostly an indoor cat, but they were having flea issues. So they left the cat out. Now I don't feel quite so bad about it.

OMG!!!! We just had the biggest crash of lightning/ thunder that I have EVER seen/heard! I'm surprised the cats aren't on the ceiling! I know I still am. Haha. It set off car alarms all over the place. I swear that it sounded like it struck in the backyard. Now I'm jumping with every flash that I see out of the corner of my eye. Should make for a fun night of trying to sleep.

Allan should be in the air right about now....hope everything is going well with that. The girls will update y'all on that when they get back. Their Mimi and Uncle Brian (along with alot of my home church) are in Mexico for a mission trip right now. Please, if you get a chance, keep them in your prayers for me. As you can see....I have alot to pray about right now. Don't forget about Edsel's Mom, too!

~Momma Becca


The Meezers said...

Go Meeko!!! YAY!!!!!! - Miles

Oreo said...

Fanks for coming to mine party!! I REALLY enjoyed it!

PrincessMia said...

Good luck Meeko!!

Gemini said...

Good luck on your leg!