Monday, July 21, 2008


This am Momma's ferst attempt to upload a patient. This am Momma & Daddy's niece Hannah. Mimi broughted this bideo in her flashy box when she camed to bisit us this weekend. She just lefted to go back home. Hannah ALMOST gotted to come too. But....Mimi didn't fink she could handle a 2 yeer old in the car, by herself, for 7 hours. Maybe next time. Hope y'all fink Hannah is a adorable as we do!!

Edit after bideo upload: The sound is not synced wif the bideo (at least on owr view). We's not shur why it's nor rite....but, at least y'all get the idea of what she's trying to say.
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meemsnyc said...

Great job on the video upload. Hannah sure is adorable.