Monday, July 28, 2008

Pic-shurs -Part 2

This am one of the 6, yes 6, hummie birds that we have. of course, any time Momma tries to get a pic-shur of all of them...they fly off.

Kiara heer: This am the lizard that I catched in the hall. He had already lost him's tail a'fore I gots ahold of him. Momma tooked him away, tooked his pic-shur, and then SHE LET HIM GO!!! I fought fur sure that I was gonna have a tasty snack! But , NOOOOOO...mean momma!

These are the froggies that live under owr patio. We counted 6 of them! I (Kiara) like to stick my hed down in their hole to say hello! Momma sez that that isn't polite. They might think that you are trying to eat them. Besides she sez, you never know what kind of bad things could be in that snakes or big, scary spiders!

These are the silly squirrlys trying to eat the bird seed. Nevermind that they've got their own peanuts to eat. One of them was efun eating the hummie birds food!! Momma hadded to move it to the front yard. Momma fought that it wuz funny seeing one squirrl upside down wif anofur one watchin' him! Beans are easily amused sumtimes!
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William said...

You have all kinds of fun things at your house!

Oh, and I meant to say before congratulations to your momma!