Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mooving update

Fanks to efurryone for their kinds werds of support and fur bisiting!!! We had fun running all ofur the howse wif you! Well....the furniture is getting heer today!! Yay...but, that means we get locked in the bafroom so e don't get owt (again.) Kiara sneakes owt the front door a'cause it closes so s-l-o-w. She didn't go furry far at all. Momma is going to fix it today. The car ride wasn't so bad. Only 3 hours and not 15 like to Colorado. AND, Momma letted us owt of the PTU's while we were on the highway. Go run and hide. We'll update again later!


Cheysuli said...

Be sure to sniff all the furniture and make sure it's really yours and not something they've tried to slip into your house!

The Meezers said...

make shur to leave your furs all over the place 'afore the furnichur gets there!

Dino, Egypt & the kits said...

Yes, you need to make sure the furniture in your new house is your furniture.