Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Updates

Mimi (Daddy's mom for those who don't know) is still in the hospital. She is still having pain and migranes. They have her on morphine for now. The doctors are going to do a scope and try to get the stone fragments out on Tuesday once some of the pain and swelling have subsided. Momma talked wif Mimi for a little while tonight. She sez that Mimi sounded good, but she (Mimi) wuz VERY SAD that she won't be coming out this week to visit. Momma told her that there are more important things to be here for than just this weekend.

We also gotted this email from Beau and his Mom:

I wish I had better news, but Luna is still missing. Today her human posted pictures of where she's lost and it's downright disturbing and scary. EVERYONE needs to go see those pictures. Looking at those pictures, we REALLY need to step up the prayer power in a big way. So, at 9 pm tonight (your time) I want everyone to pray hard she is found soon (and you might also say a prayer for Trixie and Mimi, and others, as well). It doesn't matter if prayers are said at the same time. An ongoing prayer vigil is just as good. Also, I would like to suggest you say a prayer for her at your meal times and around 8 pm each night. She needs to be found. At this point she is in real danger. Thanks!

We're gonna head off to bed and say our prayers wif Momma now. G'night efurryone!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're purrayin fur your Mimi too - hope she gets all better real quick!

Gemini said...

We hopes that Mimi gets better (adds another name to her purrayer list)...