Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snowy (Pict-shurs) Sunday

Heer are sum pict-shurs frum Colorado Springs and Oklahoma City. It's the closest we'll get to snow this year! Enjoy!!

What Momma and Daddy WON'T be doing anytime soon!!
(This wuz a'fore Momma gotted her new coat and sweet goggles!!)

Momma "trying" to shovel owr front walk in C. Springs.

Owr back patio in C. Springs

Owr howse in OKC after all the bad ice storms.

"Real" icicle lights on owr howse!!

'Kay...that's all we gots fur now. Hope y'all hadded a grate week and enjoy the short week ahead!!
pee ess- The following is a note frum Uncle Dan that he leeved in the comments. We wanted to make shur that y'all gotted to see it!
Hey, guys, this is Uncle Dan. Thanks so much to Meeko and Kiara for the post and to all others for the thoughts and prayers. My grandpa was buried yesterday at Quantico, VA, and while I was not able to be there for that, I was glad to be able to be there Monday for the service and viewing. Chaos sends his love and is glad to have his Dad back home after the long weekend. He has expressed this repeatedly by running around the house at full speed every time I leave a room...


William said...

Wow, look at those icicles! Pretty exciting!!

I hope Ms Amanda sneaks you some turkey on Thanksgiving while your momma and daddy are away...

P.S. We're sorry to just learn about your Uncle Dan's grandpa. :-(

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are sorry about your Uncle. And what a lot of snow that was!

Eric and Flynn said...

Those icicles look beautiful but they make us feel cold.

Egypt & the Musketeers said...

Does that mean your momma misses the snow and ice?

The Meezers said...

Happy Thankgsiving Meeko and Kiara!