Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trouble Tuesday

Kiara heer: I fink I may be in trouble. Not the I-did-somfing-bad kind, but the I-have-tons-of-knots-in-my-fur kind. I've had knots a'fore, and Momma could cut them herself. I didn't like it, and Daddy has to help hold me. Well, since we've mooved, the knots have gotten a squillion times worse!!! Basically, both of my sides are one ginormus knot. Momma and Daddy are talking about taking me in to get my fur shaved off!! EEEKKKK!!! I's not sure how I'll feel about this. Momma doesn't WANT to do it, but knows that the knots are only gonna get worse and most likely start to hurt. Any suggestions furiends??

Heer are sum random pics...Enjoy!!

In our "safe place" after the movers left.

"Hiding" frum the moovers.

(They are NEVER this close without fighting! Momma)

Taking turns looking owtside at the new place.

Momma, Rachael, Aunt Jen, and Niece Hannah.

Rachael and Hannah....wonder who we cheer for???


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am sorry that you might have to be shaved. I would hate to be shaved.

Eric and Flynn said...

We wouldn't want to be shaved either but it is better than having hurty knots. Don't worry, your furrs will soon grow back.

William said...

I see your baby sister!! Isn't she a little doll! (And Hannah, too!) I'm glad you're getting settled in.

We go to VCA on Montgomery (east of Eubank). Our vet is Dr. Russman, who's so so nice and loves us all (although she loves me best!), and some of us have also seen Dr. Schoonover, who's a very nice guy, too. I think they're probably all nice but these two are our favorites. (Plus, they have excellent hours.)

Angel and Kirby said...

THose knots are tough! We don't get them cause we are not floofly. We think you might have to get shaved, it will grow back. Rachel and Hannah are very sweet.