Sunday, February 18, 2007

100's night!

Yea!! Daddy only has 100 days lefted until he graduates from the Air Force Academy!!!! We am al the way proud of him. We also just founded owt that we will be going to Oklahoma City fur about a year until we move (again) to South Texas where will learn to fly the really fast, big metal birdies. We're still werkin' on Momma to get the pic-shurs posted....maybe laster today she sed.

Smooches to my sweetie!~Emmy

pee ess- Fanks soooo much fur my Balantime's pressie Victor, Momma gotted pic-shurs of that too!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Uh-oh, sounds like the M werd in yur house! I don't fink I'd like movin cuz what if Mom left my mousies behind unner the stove? I'd haf to find all new hidey places, too.

I'm furry happy you liked yur gift, Emmy! Purrs an nosekisses!

Derby said...

Hope your Daddy is studying hard to graduate.