Monday, February 05, 2007

Momma's Home!!!!

Whoohoo!! Momma's back home wif us! We are all the way a'citied bout it too. We love our Daddy, but it's just not the same wif Momma not here.

We want to wish Auntie Alicia a Happy Purrfday today!!!!

We do haf two, yes two, elli..elig...available lady cats who need Valentines. Let us know if'n you are interested. They are bof furry nice (mostly) and furry pretty and fluffy.

Purrs and nose kissies to my sweetie Victor!~Emmy

Welll, Grammie is feeling much better now, but now Grampie is feeling icky!!! We're sending purrs his way. We just hope that Momma doesn't get what they had.


Faz the Cat said...

Hi Girls, hope you get a sweet valentine. Purr FAZ

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yay fur yur momma bein' home! an cuddly purrs fur Grampie - get well!

Forty Paws said...

Uhhhh Meeko and Kiara,

(blush) We boys here at da Forty Paws is furry priviledged to be Kaze's Valentine Furriends, but she hast Mao fur her speshul boyfurriend and we wood realy like to haf beeyoutiful gurls to shower owr afekshuns on all evenenening and to dance wid. Uhhhh, we kinda figures dat since u ist frum Texas, u mite overlook owr aksents an owr pointy-toed boots.
Uh, (blush) wood u be owr Balentine's an go to Beau & Angie's Party wid uz?
Luf, Bow, G.T., Dorf, Smokey, Obi, & Reno

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hey, 6 boy kitties? Emmy, maybe I hafn't askt you outright, but I sorta assumed we will go to the party togefur? Not that I's takin you fur granted! Um, so, I'd be furry happy if you would go to BB&A's party wif me. An pleeze be mine balantine?
I wanna make a furry speshul balantine fur you an maybe be in Skeezix's contest, but I need Mom's help an she's been werkin furry hard.
Purrs an nose kisses fur sweet Emmy
~ Victor

Lone Star Purrs said...

Sweet Victor, don't worry....the 6 boys are goin' wif Meeko and Kiara, not me! Of course I's going to the party wif you!!!! And I would luv to be yur balantine *blush*.
Purrs and nuzzles, my sweet.

Forty Paws said...

Oh Fank U Meeko and Kiara!!! We ist quite honored.

Dunt worry Victor, we taint movin in on Emmy. We noze she ist furry speshul to u.

We boys here at da Forty Paws jist dunt wanna leaf any furry poodins sittin at home cryin on dis speshul nite wen we hast so much luf to go rownd!!! An we dunt wanna be at da party wid no beeyoutiful gurls to dance wid. We ist high energy kindz of guys.

Luf, Us
Purrs & Hedbutts to Meeko & Kiara

Victor Tabbycat said...

Emmy! ::purr, spin, purr, reverse spin::

Fat Eric said...

Hi Meeko and Kiara!

I just wanted to thank you for offering to be my Valentine. I'm sorry I didn't respond, I just thought it might be awkward to choose one sister, the other sister might get upset, you know? And then Pearl offered to be my Valentine. But I can see that you now have SIX Valentines, so congratulations!

Forty Paws said...

Meeko and Kiara,

Please visit our bloggies to see our special present to you!

See you at the party!

Bow, G.T., Dorf, Smokey, Obi, Reno