Wednesday, May 23, 2007


OK....we gots lots of noos updates fur y'all!!

Ferstest- Grampie is tired of werking he's re-tiring frum American Airlines after werking there fur eighty-two elven years. (40+-Momma). So, Momma is in Texas right now fur Grampie's atirement party on Thursday, then she flies back home to us where we gots to get ready fur all of owr company to come see us (and Momma and Daddy). Efurryone is coming owt fur Daddy's gradumation frum the Academy. We is FURRY, FURRY proud of him!!!! We'll try to post sum pic-shurs of him soon.

Eleventeenth- Meeko's UTI is all the way better now. But...owr litter maid self-scooping box died. :-( Momma wasn't furry happy 'bout that eifer.

Eightytenth- We STILL don't know anyfing 'bout Emmy! Momma tried to call the lady, but the phone wuzn't werking right. The ladies, not owrs. We's hopin' that no noos is good noos.

We fink that's all fur now. We also gots pic-shurs of Momma, Auntie Alicia, Auntie Laura, and all of their girlfuriends that wented about fur a "Bachelorette Party" last weekend. Could be intersting.

*Update*- wull....Momma won't be coming home to us tonight. Her huge, metal birdie wuz cancelled and not flying. So she will be driving owt wif Grammie and Grampie tomorrow.


Bonnie Underfoot said...

Fanks fur the update. You haf furry busy lives! I hafn't herd frum Emmy but I's sure she's ok. She's tough an they know if it don't werk, yur mom would take her back. Purrs!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

VICTOR! Don't you DARE post comments as me! You'll RUIN my reputation as the intellectual tabby of the house.